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Monday, March 23, 2009

Taking the Law to the Lawless

Seeing that the anti-Americanists have managed to subvert the judiciary in this nation to the extent that more unconstitutional laws have been passed than constitutional ones, I was wondering if we could use the courts to reverse that trend. One never knows.

So, I went to my attorney that I have used for years for many things and made an appointment for one of those 30-minute free consultations. I presented my idea/desire to my attorney and that 30-minute free consultation lasted more than two hours.
At issue was the viability of a lawsuit against congress for violating the constitution.

I was asked what I would settle for, how much money I was looking for, what kind of damages was I wanting to be compensated for, etc.
I told them that I was not seeking damages in a monetary settlement. I was demanding that either the United States federal government either return to our Constitutional Republic or make the changes they wanted to make by constitutional amendments instead of passing federal laws which made the path clear for legislating around the constitution.

Like I said, over two hours later, I witnessed six lawyers getting on board with the idea. I have no idea where this is going to go but I guess that as long as I pay their fees, they will take this as far as they are able.

What I am looking for is this: 30,000,000 Americans making appointments with their attorneys via the 30-minute free consultations to begin making waves through the legal system. Can you imagine what noise that would make if all of a sudden, our unconstitutional congress critters were getting hit with law suit after law suit demanding they perform their constitutional duties?

I have a recent list of the targets located in this article: Unconstitutional House Members

There are some Senators as well but I haven’t compiled that list yet.

Remember, if you go with this idea, go to your attorneys as if you are the one making this inquiry and don’t tell them others are doing this as well. Let them talk amongst themselves and let them “discover” the Tsunami rising. Also, go armed. If you don’t know the violations against the constitution, you won’t go anywhere with this. I was able to show them the blatant and outright fraudulent behavior of the current and past sessions of congress.
We read the constitution and tried to reconcile the “will of the congress will be done” and the “will of the congress has been heard” and the “the Senate will have final say over states rights” and the “federal statutes trump states rights” garbage. I also brought to their attention where several judges told American citizens that they had no standing in questioning anything the government does. I lit a fire under four of them. Two remain skeptical. But that’s OK.
The man that owns the firm has called me twice since I was there and I may have an appointment with other attorneys from partnered firms. It was even suggested that this could very well turn into a national class-action suit. We’ll see.

So, please make your appointments and go for broke. What do we have to lose? The more important question is this…what do we have to gain?  Our country?  Our Heritage?