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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Call to 'Teabag' Congress

The We The People Stimulus Package Youtube video is starting to make waves across the Internet and it calls for all Americans to Teabag Congress!

If you are at a frat party, don't fall asleep on a couch with your mouth hanging open or you might get a nasty surprise. If you don't know what I am talking about, count yourself lucky. For those that do, imagine it is your least favorite congressional representative on that couch. Yes there! I see the wicked little grin. Unfortunately for us, and fortunately for Congress they have not fallen asleep drunk in front of We The People.

America's most wasteful Fraternity and Sorority group has built up its elitism and power for generations. The untouchables now have such a monopoly on America that the are contemplating passing legislation that retroactively targets one group of people. That is unconstitutional, by the way, no matter how much the bastards at AIG deserve it.

Congress has passed over a trillion dollars in funding legislation within Obama's first two months in office, and now they are talking about another stimulus package. Earmarks, pork projects, and other more understandable projects are being funded, when We The People do not have the luxury of affording such trifling programs. We The People have been slaves to credit, slaves to politics, and slaves to consumerism. Now we are living within our means, and government has picked up the mantle of irresponsible spending.

The panic and disassociation in America has spurred what many are hailing "Pre- French Revolutionary Mentality." If you remember the French Revolution was not about establishing principles and justice, but all out class warfare.

A grassroots movement has been formed in response to the recession, the blunders of Congress, and the ineptitude of President Obama. It started with 25 states legislating a reaffirmation of their sovereignty, then Tea Party USA began with the endorsement of Rick Santelli, and now a Youtube video is making its rounds called "The We The People Stimulus Package."

The video suggests that we hold Congress to the Constitution, limit their terms, make the executive branch enforce the law, and reassert that Government officials are servants of the people. In the end Thomas Paine urges the people to Teabag congress, as in mail a teabag to your representative.

Will Americans teabag their representatives? Will this grassroots movement spread? I sure hope so, we have to do something to wake up the idiots who barely understand our founding documents who are legislating the country into death!

Courtesy of Daughter of America