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Monday, March 09, 2009

The Audacity Of Charlie Rangel- Taxpayers Should Mind Their Own 'Goddamned Business'

Jason Mattera from Hot Air TV took a trip to the capitol and spoke to Charlie Rangel about his ethics scandals. Seems Charlie didn't like being confronted and thinks people should mind their own goddamned business about how he uses tax payer's monies.

Video below, YouTube URL here.

So, what was the question that set Rangel on his little tantrum?

Mattera asks Rangel why the hell he drives a tax payer subsidized Cadillac, use four rent controlled apartments , and why he fails to pay taxes on rental properties.

Rangel's response, to one of those tax payers, Mattera, was "why don't you mind your own goddamned business."

I guess in the most "ethical" congress ever, Pelosi's words, tax payers have no right to ask how their money is being used.