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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Petition Against Employee Free Choice Act

Urgent PSA from Wake Up America Movement

The next step in the "Change" Administration's attempt to strangle our rights and our economy is an issue we cannot afford to lose. If you have participated in prior W.A.M. ACTIONS - or ever considered doing so, this is the most critical moment and most important Obama move to oppose!

The mislabeled "Employee Free Choice Act" has been slammed into Congress - before the ink is even dry on the insane OMNIBUS Spending Spree. More aptly called "Card Check" - this measure allows an International Union, backed by Obama "community organizers" to infiltrate American businesses - large and small - using the same aggressive intimidation tactics by which they have brought down the banking and lending industries.

Smartly marketed and deceptively portrayed by the well-funded Service Employees International Union, this employment Act is tied directly to Obama's take-over of Health Care (with higher not lower costs for US all.) Their ambitions, unfortunately, don't stop there. SEIU bemoans the fact that less than 6% of American businesses are "unionized."

Their agenda - via "Card Check" - is to pervade all levels and forms of U.S. industry with their own "international" standards and extreme government controls. imagine the impact of this Card Check Law on our already faltering economy!!!

   Congressional hearings on Card Check, now in

Your ACTION against CARD CHECK is urgently needed NOW. Click here to  MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD in WASHINGTON on this D.C. led Socialist take-over!

TAKE A STAND AGAINST CARD CHECK! The stakes have never been higher! An immediate organized public OUTCRY is crucial.   Forward this ACTION CALL to every American voter, business operator and worker you know!   Further Card Check information, Petition and additional ACTION TOOLS are provided by this link.