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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Videos- AIG, Barney Frank, Shep Smith and Executing People With 'Piano Wire'

Hot Air has a couple YouTube videos up in separate posts, but to get a feel of what happened yesterday, you really need to see them together.

First Shep Smith calling out Congress and the White House using direct quotes from yesterdays farce in front of the television cameras.

YouTube URL for the above video found here.

In that you will hear him refer to Barney Frank, which brings us to the earlier video, below:

YouTube URL for that one found here.

In the first video Shep Smith points out that Barney Frank asks Edward Liddy, who was not running AIG when the original bonus contracts were signed, for the names of the recipients of the $165 billion in bonuses.

Liddy, said he would turn over the names if those names would be kept confidential due to death threats...

Example of one of the threats which Liddy told Frank, publicly:

All of the executives and their families should be executed with piano wire around their neck. My greatest hope.

Another example showed that it isn't just the executives lives being threatened, but those of their children and families.

"I am looking for all the CEO's names, kids, where they live, etc.."

Those were examples Liddy gave to the committee to show how the lives of those recipients and their families were in danger.

Frank, the scumbag he is, doesn't care and refused to guarantee confidentiality. In fact, his snarky answer after becoming aware of those dangers was "I am not persuaded."

Watch those videos......


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