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Monday, December 10, 2007

MoveOn: We OWN You Dammit, LISTEN TO US!!

I don't think MoveOn understands just how badly they have damaged themselves or the Democratic party back in September when they came up with their not-so-brlliant idea to take out a full page ad questioning General Petraeus by calling him General Betray us.

Not only did the good General's analysis and testimony prove to be correct and factual, proven by the progress and success of the last few months, but both the House and Senate both publicly condemned MoveOn with resolutions, for that action. The whole thing backfired on them and the Democratic party in a spectacular manner.

Not having done enough damage to their own reputation or the Democratic party, they now have another not-so-brilliant idea, they are petitioning the Democratic presidential candidates to force them to filibuster the $522 billion spending bill the House takes up tomorrow, a single governmentwide spending bill that represents Democrats' last, best shot at avoiding a repeat of the budget collapse last year under Republican rule.

The estimated $522 billion measure reflects $10.6 billion in cuts from earlier House-passed spending bills, even as new emergency funds are added for the State Department and to ease a budget strain on the Army, given the continued impasse over funding for the Iraq war.

Remember, is the organization that has stated they bought the Democratic party and they own them.

So this news from The Politico, is not very surprising, except for the level of stupidity it shows about those that run

Democratic congressional leaders could have a tough time convincing some anti-war Democrats to back a $522 billion year-end spending bill that includes money for the military, should that money be used for the war in Iraq. made their job a bit harder Monday by calling on Democratic presidential candidates to filibuster it in the Senate.

The Weekly Standard points out just one of many pitfalls associated with this latest idiocy from

It's not outside the realm of possibility that one or more Republicans joins a filibuster. If nothing else, some fiscal conservatives will be quietly rooting for it to succeed. That's because the omnibus bill favored by the Democratic leadership will include significant increases in domestic discretionary spending, as well as new emergency spending which doesn't count against the budget caps. If this omnibus bill is blocked, it will likely force Congress to adopt another continuing resolution--with significantly lower overall spending. It will also put the pressure on Senator Reid to work with Republicans on a measure to fund the troops.

A filibuster might lead to both a political victory and a policy victory for conservatives.

As we showed you the other day, Steny Hoyer has already made it this abundantly clear:

"The way you pass appropriations bills is you get agreement among all the relevant players, among which the president with his veto pen is a very relevant player," Hoyer said. "Everybody knows he has no intention of signing anything without money for Iraq, unfettered, without constraints. I think that's ultimately going to be the result."

As well as this:

"We have to get to a point where the American public more clearly perceives our policy position and is not confused by whether or not the Democrats intend to support the troops that we've sent to Iraq. I don't think there's an option on that," Hoyer said.

Despite MoveOn's rhetoric, their actions are creating a win win situation for the very people they work against, conservatives.

Our troops will be funded or Congress and the Senate will have to answer to the voters, the military supporters, their families and veterans around the world and this omnibus bill is their last best chance to get something for themselves out of it.

MoveOn often works against their own party and what is in the best interest of their own party and we can only hope they keep doing so.

They tout 15,000 veterans and military families that have signed their petition, yet they do not understand that does not compare to the 3,000,000 (Three million) veterans and their families, represented by the American Legion that insist that our troops are funded and be funded, in their words, NOW.

(This statement by National Commander Marty Conatser)

Following the Army’s announcement yesterday that it must prepare for reduced operations at all Army bases due to a lack of appropriations necessary to perform its war-fighting and strategic functions, The American Legion called on Congress to immediately pass the Emergency Supplemental Funding needed to support the Global War on Terrorism.

“Exactly what part of ‘emergency’ does Congress not understand?” said Marty Conatser, national commander of The American Legion. “Congressional failure to appropriate the funds needed to prosecute the war threatens the safety of our soldiers, sailors and Marines who we, as a nation, have placed in Harm’s Way. It is time for the political posturing to end, and for Congress to do its duty. We must not play politics with the lives of our fighting men and women.”

The Army is essentially planning to shut down or minimize operations in its support structure and in other less prominent but important worldwide missions and tasks.

“We know our armed forces need assured funding to provide the logistics and training vital to the men and women on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as for those stationed in 130 other countries around the world,” Conatser said.
Congress’ failure to fund our armed forces will also hurt our military families - the strength behind our armed forces.

“Lack of funds will close childcare facilities, close base schools, reduce base and military housing security and destroy the quality of life for the civilians who are carrying the greatest burden in this war -- military family members,” Conatser said. “We owe our service members and their families everything we’ve got!

“The American Legion calls on Congress to put partisan politics aside and unite behind our troops. While there may be many different opinions about the war being waged in Iraq, we cannot let the politics of the situation endanger the lives of our men and women at the front, nor can we allow our petty differences to further disrupt the lives of the families left behind. We urge Congress to authorize the supplemental funding needed without any further delay,” Conatser said.

The American Legion was founded in 1919 on the four pillars of strong national defense, veterans affairs, Americanism and patriotic youth programs. The Legion’s 2.7 million wartime veterans work for the betterment of their communities through more than 14,000 posts across the nation.

If you are in a damned if you do and damned if you don't type situation, would you choose to be damned by 15,000 veterans and their families or over 3 million?

Once again bets with a losing hand and will cost the Democratic party members that side with them, dearly.

One has to wonder how the people that run ever had the brains to get out of kindergarten.