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Friday, December 07, 2007

Nancy Pelosi Wouldn't Understand Dignified If It Bit Her In The Butt

Yesterday we showed you a few choice quotes from The Politico's interview with Dick Cheney and unable to actually answer his very valid criticisms, Nancy Pelosi states that "How can I say this with the dignity of the office that I hold, and especially the dignity of the office that the vice president holds? It’s so beneath the dignity of his office — and mine — that I don’t even want to address it.”

Pelosi wouldn't understand the meaning if dignified if it bit her in the butt.

She is too busy trying to pass bills in the house that she knows haven't a chance in hell of passing the Senate instead of compromising and passing something that isn't a waste of time and OUR taxpayers money.

Or too busy running back and forth to her office to get that baseball so she can say, over and over again, "the shot that was heard across the world" while touting a bill she just passed that is dead in the senate already.

So much for all those press conferences yesterday proving that she doesn't even know the meaning of the word "legislate" and now proving she doesn't understand dignified either.

“Of course, I have the responsibility at the end of the day,” she said. “But I’m very respectful of their read on the situation,” she said. “Those people are … our distinguished chairmen. I have enormous respect for their knowledge of the subject.”


She might as well be saying blah blah blah blah for all the meaning that is put behind her empty rhetoric.

If she was actually listening and if she had any respect for their knowledge she would start doing more than mouthing the words and start passing legislation that has a shot of passing the Senate, instead of holding elaborate press conferences, touting a major achievement that she knows is going nowhere, just to see herself on TV.

Which makes Nancy a pathological liar to boot.

Democrats led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., call it a major victory. The increased mileage standards for cars and light trucks and the expansion of domestic biofuels serve to send more U.S. dollars to the Midwest instead of the Middle East, Pelosi was quoted as saying.
How did that work out for you Nancy? When are you going to get tired of being publicly humiliated on a regular basis by showing how incompetent and incapable you are of passing something that can actually get signed into law, other than naming postal offices and recreational parks?

Take a look for yourself and try counting how many postal offices and recreational parks were renamed...go ahead...dare ya.

49 postal offices out of 133 bills that actually got signed into law, then count up how many court houses got named, other federal buildings,, roads renamed, recreation parks etc.....

Then again, I guess that is all she is capable of doing because passing bills that will make it through the Senate calls for bipartisanship and Pelosi doesn't know the meaning of that word either.

Instead, things like the AMT, as just one example, pass the house, gets to the Senate where THEY do the compromising to finally get a bill that can get signed into law, and because of her incompetence, it now has to go back to Congress to pass again before going to the presidents desk.

Wasting time and our money.

As we explained earlier, the Department of Treasury sent them a letter on October 23, 2007, telling them that anything later than mid November would cost ordinary citizens to have their tax returns delayed and she ignored that to play her political games.

Took a month and a half to do their jobs and Congress is still behind now again because Pelosi is incapable of doing her job.

Maybe Pelosi should go back to baking cookies for her grandkids because she has been an utter failure as speaker of the house.