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Friday, December 14, 2007

Lets All Give Thanks For Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi once again opens her mouth and inserts both feet in what Joe Gandelman calls a beautifully-wrapped-and-presented gift, when in a fit of pique she stated, in referring to Republicans, "“They like this war, “They want this war to continue. That was a revelation to me. I had thought they would listen to their constituents and change their position.”

Pelosi later qualified her remark that Republicans “like” the war to say they like Bush’s strategy.

Too late with that qualification Nancy dear... you said it and it goes to show exactly how idiotic you really are, for multiple reasons.

First off
, Republicans are listening to their constituents, they are just ignoring your constituents, their job is to do what their supporters want as yours is to do what your supporters want.

The Republicans constituents want to see our troops come home, in victory, a word she does not seem to understand the meaning of.

Republicans constituents want the troops funded without idiotic political games being played with them, they are not toys and war is not a video game you can just shut off when you are tired of playing it.

From Wapo (linked above):

Nearly eight in 10 Republicans, 77 percent, said the United States is improving the security situation in Iraq, up from 54 percent a year ago. Three-quarters of Republicans are optimistic about the year ahead in Iraq; 12 months ago, barely more than half felt that way.

Nearly three-quarters of Republicans approve of the job Bush is doing on the war; nearly half, 48 percent, strongly approve, compared with 36 percent last December.

Secondly, only an idiot would "like" any war. Only a fool would "like" seeing our men and women fight abroad.

Only a moron would accuse anybody of "liking" a war.

What Pelosi cannot understand is that the desire to finish what we started and to end it with victory doesn't equate liking the act of war at all.

What Pelosi cannot fathom is that despite the fact that the war has hurt Republicans politically, they understand, that what is in the best interest of the country is more important that what is in their own political best interest.

What Pelosi truly despises, is that Republicans are listening and doing what their constituents want, while she and her own Democratic politicians are too incompetent and unable to accomplish what their constituents want.

Now, I understand that Nancy dear is having a very bad couple of weeks before her vacation, but handing the GOP a gift like she did last night, simply because she is frustrated that all her steamrolling of bills through the house that she knows will get nowhere in the Senate and hasn't a snowballs chance in hell of overriding a presidential veto, is not accomplishing anything.

Legislation dear, enacting laws, means you are going to have to "compromise", look it up. Learn it. Understand the definition of it.

House Democrats and Senate Democrats are at each others throats, but in this case, the Senate Democrats are right, Pelosi has been sending them bills that had no compromise in them and she has done this with full knowledge that they cannot pass.

Senate Democrats are starting to get the point of "legislating", at least in one instance, which was the energy bill which just passed the Senate, 86-8, roll call found here..

"Compromise can be frustrating, it can be exasperating, and it can be maddening," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat. "But at the end of the day, compromise can lead to progress — and that is exactly what we have today."

Added Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican: "This is a good accomplishment — achieved, as everything good in the Senate always is, by cooperation between the parties."

Now, the article linked above says the Democrats bowed to the Republicans by stripping the proposed tax increase for oil companies out, but the Democrats got their increased CAFE standards that will force auto makers to produce more fuel-efficient vehicles.

No one bowed, no one caved, no one lost and no one won.

Both sides gave, both sides got, and something was actually accomplished.


A lesson Pelosi still hasn't learned.

Gatway Pundit has the audio of Pelosi's idiocy, saved for prosperity.

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