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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Its Time To Vote for 2007 Most Self-hating Jew Awards

Ladies and Gentlemen---there you have it: the Nominations for 2007 Most Self Hating Jew Awards.

Below are the Nominees in all four categories:
  1. Self Hating Jews of 2007-24 Nominees
  2. Not Self Hating---JUST STUPID- 8 Nominees
  3. Self Hating Ex-Jews-2 Nominees
  4. Self Hating Media- 3 Nominees
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Each Nominee has at least one hyper-linked article supporting their case--why they should win in their category. Its an incredibly diverse list--You folks really know your stuff.These links are from blogs across the read them all and then make your vote. VOTING INSTRUCTIONS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST

Self Hating Jews Of 2007:
  • Amira Hass, Editor at Ha'aretz. If KRB were a working journalist that's AH - . According to her Wiki entry, she's lived among Palis continuously since 1993.
  • Gerald Michael (Geraldo) Rivera GERALDO RIVERA DOES IT AGAIN! special kuddos to my daughter on this one, because it is her idea..of course I am a only a little prejudice.
  • Israeli prof Gary Sussman - who's also a self-hating South African, it seems.

Not Self Hating-Just Stupid Award:

  • Orthodox Anarchist" Daniel Sieradski, who forcibly injects post-avant garde and hip-hop influences into Orthodox Judiasm in an online format.

Self Hating Ex-Jews:

Self-Hating Media

Voting instructions

1) Please make sure to vote in each of the four categories
2) I couldn't find polling software that would take 24 nominees (category one has 24 nominees) so I am going to ask you to vote by commenting on this post.
click here to vote... YES I know its a pain..but think of me next Saturday night counting all the votes.
3) if you just want to vote and NOT have your vote comment posted...let me know and I will count it but not post it. At least Once A Day I will post a vote count.

Voting closes next Saturday at Midnight---God-willing winners will be posted next Sunday

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