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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We Already KNOW Hillary Clinton is Unpopular

In a new Fox 5-The Washington Times-Rasmussen Reports survey, 64 percent of Republicans, 42 percent of third-party or independent voters, and 17 percent of Democrats said the candidate they most want to keep from the White House is Mrs. Clinton.

She is not very popular, is anyone surprised?

While Mrs. Clinton performed poorly among most demographics, younger male voters were particularly cold. More than half of the adult men younger than 40 said they would use their vote to keep Mrs. Clinton from returning to the White House.

The question itself was clear "Sometimes people vote for a candidate mainly because they're voting against someone else. Which of the leading presidential candidates would you most want to prevent from becoming president?"

Hillary has baggage, her husbands, her own campaign finance problems and she just isn't liked as evidenced by every poll done on the subject.

According to USA Today latest figures she is at a 48% unfavorable rating.

Unfavorable ratings for everyone else listed is lower, Huckabee 24% unfavorable, Edwards 33%, Thompson 34%, McCain 30%, Obama 30%, Romney 35% and Giuliani 41%.

The woman is unlikable. No two ways about it and that may just be the understatement of the year.

With that said, there is a picture floating around, which I first saw from Jammie Wearing Fools over the weekend and I have a few thoughts about that.

Drudge picked up the photo, Rush Limbaugh is talking about it, and I have to say from a womans standpoint, there are many reasons I dislike Hillary Clinton, but her looks, especially this photo isn't one of them.

How many woman see a picture of themselves and instantly want to tear it up, a photo caught with no makeup, bedhead, or just a bad day in general?

I wouldn't want my photo taken on a cold day, bundled up, walking through snow and on ice, then again, she did put herself out there in politics, so she has to expect things like this to happen.

If you want to pick on a photo, take one in fair circumstances, like while she is at work, and should care about her appearance.

THAT is a better example of a woman that just doesn't care, not one taken when any normal person would be wishing they were in a heated room and not freezing their butt off.

But if you want to judge her likability or unfavorable ratings, look to her agenda for common good, her horrible healthcare ideas, her campaign finance fraud problems, her flip flopping and refusing to give a straight answer, look to the real policy reasons of why she would be bad for our country.... not her looks on a cold day, walking on ice and in snow and probably rightfully, wishing she was anywhere but where she really was, which was going door to door to garner votes.