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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kristol's New Gig at NYT Has Heads Exploding Across The Blogosphere

I open memeorandum this morning and what do I see?

That Bill Kristol is getting a weekly column at New York Times and I have to admit, my head almost exploded also, but for very different reasons.

The heads on the left side of the blogosphere are exploding because god forbid, the extremely liberal Times is going to have another conservative voice and free speech and political viewpoints should only be free if it matches the lefts viewpoint, in their minds.

My head is ready to explode for the opposite reason.

How can Kristol lower himself like that?

Has he forgotten that the New York Times actually showed a video of an American soldier dying before his family had even been informed, or that they are constantly reporting leaked information that puts our troops lives in danger, or what about the fantastic deal they gave for a full page smear ad against General Petraeus?

Need I go on?

The amusing part of this whole thing though is reading through the reactions from the other side of the blogosphere as they completely lose what little mind they had left over this.

The posts alone are bad enough, but some of the comments in the comment section show these people for exactly what they are and I will show you a few here.

A comment from getoffmeds over at Huffington post, where the story originated.

satyriasis - Kristol does not deserve a job, he deserves a prisoner number.

Reading through them, most will (maybe) cancel their subscription to NYT because Kristol will have one column a week, the antisemitism is also running rampant and one of their commenters mentions it to them as well using the term fascism regarding their rhetoric.

Next up is Vox Popoli and this was the post itself:

This is EXACTLY what the New York Times needs, a second Jewish faux conservative to provide balance to the Jewish liberal, the other Jewish liberal, the other other Jewish liberal, the black liberal and the woman liberal. Which makes me wonder, where's the Hispanic liberal and the gay liberal needed to complete the set? Instead of a credibility-challenged neocon, you'd think they could have found a gay Judeo-Hispanic liberal woman and killed five birds with one hire.

That one speaks for itself.

The American Street:

Following Newsweek’s decision to hire Karl Rove, this demonstrates clearly that the corporate media is more interested in circuses and profits than in meaningful debate.

I point that one out because of the thinking process used. In case they don't understand what business is about, it IS about making money or the paper cannot stay IN business.

An op-ed column is there to give a different point of view about the current news of that day or week, NOT debate.

That kind of backwards thinking is why people cannot separate opinion from fact and howl at the moon about the NYT decision which dares give someone a column to express their opinion if it doesn't match the opinion of those condemning this move.

Then we come to a blog called driftglass:

Because the New York Times just announced that, as far as it's concerned, being a mendacious prick is no longer a bad thing.

Being a slaughterporn whore is no longer shameful.

Apparently being a walking advertisement for every single thing that is wrong with the blood-caked, sociopathic Neocon Right is no longer even an impediment to extremely lucrative employment at the apex of the "liberal" NYT.

TBogg goes for the most tasteless, classless post of the day with this:

For some reason that can only be explained by a deeply held belief that someone somewhere is in possession of pictures of Arthur Sulzberger Jr, fucking a chicken, the New York Times has decided to give up some weekly editorial space to Bill "Completely Fucking Wrong Even When He Orders Breakfast" Kristol.

I will mention this one simply because the title proves MY title correct... that being " The post in which my head explodes"...


Just a small sample of reactions to start you off, you really should go to each of these and read the comment sections for yourself.

Quite enlightening.