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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hillary Clinton Drops Further Down in the Polls

Two weeks ago, Rasmussen was reporting that Hillary Clinton's lead over Barack Obama had fallen from double digits to single digits.

In fact, according to Rasmussen, in September Clinton held a 23 point lead, which dropped to a 16 point lead by October, down to a 10 point lead in November, which brings us to the December 1st. news, which showed she was down to a single digit lead.

Today the news just keeps getting worse for the Clinton team, Rasmussen again reports that Obama has taken the lead with 31% to Clinton's 28%.

In the current survey, Obama has a 14-point advantage over Clinton among independent voters likely to vote in the Democratic Primary. That’s up from a 3-point edge among independents in late November. The survey also finds that 39% of the voters on January 8 will be independents. That’s up from 29% in the previous survey.

Among Democrats likely to vote in the Primary, Clinton leads 33% to 29%. She led by eleven points among Democrats in the earlier survey.

In the latest WMUR/CNN poll, Clinton has 31% while Obama has 30% in what they call a "statistical tie", and on the Republican side, Mitt Romney is leading with 32 percent support.

In other Clinton news, the Daily News says "Its Bubba to the rescue!!!!!"


Alarmed by his wife's slide in the polls and disarray within her backbiting campaign, a beside-himself Bill Clinton has leaped atop the barricades and is furiously plotting a cure - or coup.

"She's in big trouble and he knows it," a top Democratic operative and Hillary Clinton booster told the Daily News.

They go on to report that Bill Clinton is "mulling" over strategies and trying to find a way to "fix" things in Hillary's campaign as well as describing him as "very engaged and very agitated" and stating he is yelling at Mark Penn, Hillary's chief strategist, a lot.

This next month should prove to be very interesting for the Democratic race to nomination.