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Sunday, August 05, 2007

We shall continue to target you, at home and abroad

Those are the words from Adam Gaddahn, aka Azzam al Amriki, in yet another new video, intercepted by Laura Mansfield who does wonderful work intercepting these videos and translating them.

Gaddahn says:

“As for our message to the Americans and their Crusader allies, it is this: The amount of respect we have for your international law is even less than the respect you hold for defined shari’ah, and our observance of it is comparable to your observance of sharia’h. How can we comply with a law which contradicts divine law in whole and in part? How can we recognize a law which states that the Embassy or Consulate is for all intents and purposes an inviolable fortress which the host country has no right to enter or monitor and when our sharia’h commands us to liberate every handspan of Islamic land occupied by the unbelievers?”

He continues:

“How can we comply with a law whose inequities and double standards are more obvious than the noonday sun? The diplomatic immunity and freedom from arrest and prosecution behind which you hide and which international law theoretically sanctifies apparently didn’t apply to Mullah Abdul Salam, Ambassador of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in Islamabad, whom you forced out of Pakistan so you could arrest him and send him off for torture and humiliation in the dungeons of Guantanamo Bay? Nor is the right of states to establish foreign missions in friendly states which your law is supposed to uphold given to the Islamic Emirate whose Embassies and Consulates in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, and Pakistan, you’ve forcibly closed down through threats and intimidation.”

Later in the video, Gaddahn makes explicit threats against the United States and US interests in both the homeland and overseas.

“Therefore, we shall continue to target you, at home and abroad, just as you target us, at home and abroad, and these spy dens, and military command and control centers, from which you plotted your aggression against Afghanistan, and Iraq, and which still provide vital moral, military, material, and logistical support to the Crusade, shall continue to be legitimate targets for brave, Muslims, like our martyred brother Umar Uthman, until and unless you heed our demands. Stop the Crusade and leave the Muslims alone.”

CNN states something we all know by now, these messages are nothing new and CNN's senior editor for Arab affairs, Octavia Nasr, says that because this message is more focused it is the strongest message to date. Then again, CNN is known for helping terrorists in the propaganda campaign against us, so I take that with a grain of salt.

The Jihad Watch puts this very well here:

"These spy dens and military command and control centers -- from which you plotted your aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq and which still provide vital moral, military, material and logistical support to the crusade -- shall continue to be legitimate targets for brave Muslims ... until and unless you heed our demands: Stop the crusade and leave the Muslims alone," he said.

Uh, you first: Stop the jihad. Just as the Crusades were a defensive action, the current "War on Terror" didn't materialize until your pals flew hijacked aircraft into our buildings, Adam.

Well said Marisol!!!!!

I am not being flippant about this, really, I understand the threats are real, I also understand that it will only take one successful attack to snap most Americans back into focus about the realities of the danger al-Qaeda presents and has presented since well before 9/11, but we also will not give al-Qaeda the satisfaction of allowing them to scare us in any way.

I also wonder about the timing, since we have just seen two middle eastern men detained in Goose Creek, S.C., for possession of explosive devices, but we, as a country, at least those of us with a brain in our heads, are already alert and aware of the dangers and everything that can be done to prevent such attacks is being done.

I see these releases of these videos as desperation from al-Qaeda because they are getting their asses kicked in Iraq these days and Iraq is where THEY have said to be the "center" of our battle against them.

Desperation is dangerous though, so, we must remain alert and vigilant but if al-Qaeda or any other terrorist group thinks any of us are going to hide in our houses and cringe every time they release a "new" video, they do not understand Americans as well as they think they do.

Perhaps all these videos are meant to make us yawn and ignore the problem and the potential for disaster, but we, as a country, will not do that either.

The Jawa Report gives us another great quote:

So, this al Qaeda's "big surprise" they warned about two days ago? Yeah, big surprise that Adam Gadahn is still a traitor. Big surprise that Zawahiri still hates America. I'm, er, shocked.

Since I know Adam still reads the Western media and he's also online from time to time, here's a personal message. Dude, none of this makes you look cool. You're still a loser. And this video? It sucks. You're a major retard.

Laura Mansfield offers the whole video for download here.

So, we wait for al-Qaeda's "big surprise" but we go about our business, which in and of itself, is our way of saying, "screw you al-Qaeda", we understand, we are alert, we will be vigilant, but you will not see Americans cowering in fear, EVER.