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Friday, August 24, 2007

John Boehner : Democrats deeply invested in defeat

Time and again we have said that the Democrats are too heavily invested in defeat. Nancy Boyda could not even stand to stay in the same room with General Keane when he was discussing the progress that was being seeing Iraq.

Thats right, she got up and walked out rather than become educated on what was happening in Iraq from the expert.

House Majority Whip James Clyburn actually admitted that good news from Iraq would "be a problem for us", speaking about the Democrats... how sad is that?

Good news, progress that our military is achieving is bad news for them. Iraqi's being able to see a light at the end of a long dark tunnel, and being given the chance to live free, is bad news to the Democrats? Our country making headway in the one place that al-Qaeda has stated publicly is the "central front" in the war on terror, is bad news for the Democrats?

What does that say about them? Really?

On a more basic level, we see from our own comment section that every time news comes from Iraq that is good, that shows progress and that even mentions the words success or victory, the bats come flying, attacking.

What does it say about people that to them the worse news they can stand is good news from Iraq?

John Boehner tells it like it is:

"The fact that Democratic leaders continue to push for precipitous withdrawal despite the significant progress our troops are making shows just how deeply invested they are in failure," said House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio.

Harry Baghdad" Reid and Nancy Pelosi, are you listening? He is speaking to YOU.

In that same article Army Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch said a premature withdrawal would be a "giant step backwards", which is just what the Democrats want and need right now because they have bet their careers against America.

Betting against our military and our country to succeed is always a bad idea.

Yet that is exactly what they have done.

They deserve what they get.

Thank you John Boehner for stating it so clearly.

More along this same theme go check out NRO with "The Democrats’ Counsel of Despair".

Bonior’s position appears to be that admitting that the surge is working should be avoided as much as possible, lest it increase political support for the war.


The fact is that the surge is President Bush’s policy, and one that he implemented over the vociferous opposition of Democrats who thought the best strategy against al Qaeda in Iraq was to begin to leave. Now the surge has helped turn Sunni tribes against al Qaeda, advancing the goal that nearly everyone in the U.S. notionally shares of routing the terror group from Iraq. Democrats try to chalk up this progress generically to the courage and the adeptness of our troops. Our troops were just as courageous and adept a year ago but they were burdened, unfortunately, by a flawed strategy of prematurely pulling back to let Iraqi forces take the lead — exactly the strategy Democrats have favored ever since President Bush announced the surge.


Read it all....

[UPDATE]Then if you want a real belly laugh, go on over to Think Progress, where they are trying to claim that the Democrats should actually receive some credit for the progress in Iraq, you know the progress they have been fighting tooth and nail to stop from happening?

OK, THAT cracked me up.

What jackasses.[End Update]

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Wife who has lost her husband in Iraq: