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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vets for Freedom: WEEK 8: Stay Active & Sign the Petition

It's the week before Labor Day weekend and all of America is eyeing the weekend, ready to enjoy the last gasp of summer. All, that is, except and the anti-war crowd. They targeted today - Tuesday, August 28 specifically - to once again try and pull the plug on Iraq.

Using smoke and mirrors, and with help from a complicit media and hundreds of paid political operatives, various anti-war groups will try and create the perception that all Americans are against this war, and that we are "losing" in Iraq.

When in fact, the news from Iraq-from the guys involved in the fight-is that we are defeating Al Qaeda, dampening the violence, and making great progress. General Petraeus and his new counterinsurgency strategy are working, and must be given time to succeed.

So, in addition to attending town hall meetings in your area and rallying your fellow veterans to attend "Vets on the Hill" on September 17 & 18, below are two more ways-this week-that you can help amplify your voice and overcome the voices of defeat.

What You Can Do This Week!

1. See the petition that we will be presenting members of Congress on the 17th and 18th of September. If you believe that General Petraeus deserves the time he needs to succeed, if you believe that Iraq is now the central front on the war on terrorism, if you believe that premature withdrawal from Iraq would be catastrophic - then we need your signature on this petition. Read more on our website.

Please take the time to forward this email to your friends and family as well - and ask them to sign the petition. ** And for non-veterans, this is a great way to support our event on September 17 & 18. ** Our strength is in our numbers!

2. Support our friends & call your Member of Congress! If you haven't already, view the excellent ads that were recently released by Freedom's Watch. Also, take the time to call the number at the end of the ads: 1-877-222-8001. Members of Congress need to keep hearing from pro-mission patriots like you to counter the constant barrage of misleading and negative information from

Also, in a stunning show of political bias, NBC and MSNBC have decided to ban any Freedom's Watch ads from being played on their networks. See the Power Line Blog for details.

What Else Can You Do This Week?

Sign Up to Show Up in September. The momentum is gathering, but we still need more veterans to sign up to join us on September 17 & 18 at our nation's capitol. Just send an email to with your name, military bio, your home state, and contact information. Once we receive this information we can start the process of arranging your travel and scheduling your appointments in Washington, DC.

Move out and draw fire!


Pete Hegseth
Iraq War Veteran 2005-2006
Executive Director, Vets for Freedom

Click here for more information on Vets for Freedom's "10 Weeks to Testimony."

(NOTE: Instead of leaving you with the advertisements I usually have at the bottom of each post, I will leave you with one of the videos from Freedoms Watch) [30 second video.]

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