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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

MoveOn Attacks Brian Baird For Telling the Truth

[Update below]

Once again proving that the truth does not matter to groups like MoveOn Org, they are now releasing ads that will attack a liberal Democrat, that was against the Iraq war from day one, against it the last 4 years, against the surge, but after coming back from Iraq changed his position because he say progress is being seen.

He was verbally attacked at his own hometown meetings for telling the truth as he saw it and now is launching an ad against Brian Baird and calling him immoral.

For telling the truth? For saying what he witnessed? Yes Sireeeeee, thats exactly what they want to punish him for.

Being honest.

(The Politico) has its latest target: Rep. Brian Baird (D-Wash.), who announced last week that he supported the troop surge after a recent trip to Iraq.

Now has launched a television advertisement against the 5-term congressman, calling his position “immoral” and urging him to support a withdrawal of troops. The ad will be airing on cable in the Vancouver, Washington media market.

Baird wrote an op-ed in the Seattle Times that the troops “deserve our continued support and more time to succeed.” In 2003, Baird voted against the Iraq war and, more recently, joined his party in voting against the surge in a nonbinding resolution.

The anti-war left proves once again they do not care about the truth or honesty, all they care about is that they are told what they want to hear, whether it is true or not.

MoveOn is calling the move a “flip-flop” and says it goes against the views of his constituents.

The ad does not make specific reference to Baird’s conversion. Instead, it features a soldier who served in Iraq talking about the amount of resistance troops encountered and at the end asks viewers to tell Baird to bring the troops home.

The soldier in the ad served in Iraq in 2003 and 2004 and describes a scene from that time, long before the current troop increase that Baird has cited as the reason for military progress.

Baird voted against the war in 2003 and had opposed it until last month. Republicans have been quick to key on his remarks as evidence of progress in Iraq.

MoveOn disagrees, calling the war “unwinnable.”

In case MoveOn isn't aware, we live in a Republic, where his constituents vote in an elections and then he does what he feels is right, moral and honest, then if they do not like what he has done, they vote him out in the next election.

He has been one of the most vocal, consistent politicians that never changed his mind when the polls changed and only changed his mind when he saw for himself that progress was being made.

Thank you MoveOn for proving everything we have ever said about the far left liberals... you don't want an honest politician, you want a robot that will do as you say regardless of the truth.

Now everyone can see it.

Additional note... remember from the last post that MoveOn is one of the organizatons that George Soros contributed $2.5 million to.

The December 1, 2003, USA Today quoted Soros's worth at "about $7 billion," of which Soros had pledged "$15.5 million to anti-Bush, anti-conservative groups ... giving $10 million to Americans Coming Together, $2.5 million to, and $3 million to the Center for American Progress."

Hatred for George Bush trumps and success and progress we are making. Trumps victory as far as Soros and MoveOn are concerned.

[Update] The Van Der Galiƫn Gazette has an incredible article up that deserves careful reading.

(NOTE: Instead of leaving you with the advertisements I usually have at the bottom of each post, I will leave you with one of the videos from Freedoms Watch) [30 second video.]

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