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Friday, August 31, 2007

Haditha Marine, Col. Jeffrey Chessani to Sue John Murtha

[Update] 9/28/07- Judge orders Murtha to testify in defamation case against him.

When John Murtha set off a firestorm by publicly convicting the Haditha Marines before they had even been tried, he was starting a chain of events that are continuing to snowball and one of those Marines is planning to sue.


First we showed a letter written to John Murtha from L/Cpl Justin Sharratt's father, a heartfelt letter about Murtha's reprehensible conduct regarding those Marines.

After we found out that all charges had been dropped against L/Cpl Justin Sharratt, we asked if Murtha was going to apologize and we provided detailed information, webform contact to John Murtha, phone numbers, his office location and directions on how to get to his offices, for those of you that wanted to see him apoligize to have your voices heard.

Then we saw the Haditha investigators recommending that all charges be dropped for the Haditha Marines.

Now we have Haditha Marine Col. Jeffrey Chessani plans on hauling Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman John Murtha, into court, suing him for libel, one of his lawyers told

Brian Rooney, one of the attorneys at Michigan's Thomas More Law Center representing Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani and a former Marine captain himself told that his client, who is alleged to have failed to fully investigate the killing of 24 Iraqis in Haditha November, 2005 and not reporting an alleged Law of War violation, may follow the example of another Haditha Marine, SSgt. Frank Wuterich who is suing Murtha for libel.

Murtha set off a media firestorm last year when even before the matter had been fully investigated he charged members of Kilo Company, 3rd Bn, 1st Marine Regiment had gone on a rampage and slaughtered 24 Iraqi civilians in cold blood to avenge the killing of a member of their unit in an IED explosion. He also said that the incident occurred in the absence of any firefight, although it occurred as part of a day-long battle with insurgent ambushers that wounded 11 Marines.

Rooney told NewsMax.Com that his group that, if as they expect, Chessani is cleared just as one officer, Capt. Randy Stone and two enlisted men have either been exonerated of had a hearing officer recommend exoneration they will seek to hold Murtha accountable.

According to Brian Rooney , SSgt. Frank Wuterich -- one of the other defendants in the investigation now awaiting a hearing on murder charges -- is already suing Murtha for those libelous comments. He insists that Murtha should be held accountable for taking the word of Iraqi insurgents and calling the Marines "cold-blooded murderers."

"Staff Sergeant Wuterich's attorneys are suing Congressman Murtha for liable for saying that the Marines were cold-blooded murderers, and that suit's still ongoing," Rooney said.

"We're not suing Murtha right now," Rooney added. "I know that Frank Wuterich's attorney are suing him for libel, and we will explore that option once our criminal case has been concluded. We hope to show that Murtha is guilty of libel against our client because when he accused the unit's officers of covering up the incident he could only have been referring to Lt. Col. Chessani.

John Murtha, a former Marine himself, should be ashamed of himself for letting his political posturing damage these Marines reputations without even a benefit of a trial or investigation.

He should be sued. He should be forced to step down for taking advantage of his political standing to libel these young men and do harm to them and their families.

John Murtha is a disgrace to every Marine alive today and should be held accountable for his careless actions and words.

Hot Air asks if any Democratic pundits will step up and criticize Murtha for rushing to judgment, then he looks and nope, he does not find any willing to do so, so he asks another question:

But nope, no criticism of Murtha. Don’t you people support the troops in any tangible way, ever?

I hope all of these marines sue John Murtha and furthermore, I hope that they win and the judgments take every penny this man has.

Murtha is beyond contempt.