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Friday, August 24, 2007

Support for the war rises again

Amazing what truthful reporting will do to opinions.

In four years we have seen Americans support for our actions in Iraq decline steadily, one reason that when the NYT/CBS ran a poll and saw that support for the war was inching up, they proceeded to do the poll again, they just couldn't believe it....well they did it again, and lo and behold, even BETTER news.

That was followed by a USA/Gallup poll which also showed an increase of support from the American people, numbers still low, but with three polls, they were steadily starting to increase which was a drastic turnaround from the decrease we had been watching for the last couple of years.

Now today, with yet another organization doing the polling, this time Rasmussen, those numbers are still rising. Still low, but the trend has started and the more good news and progress we see coming out every day, those numbers will continue to follow right along.

Although the numbers are still low, they had 4 years to decline to that point, these last 4 polls were done over the last month-month in a half. The trend has turned the opposite direction.

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