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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fred Thompson To Announce His run for presidency on September 6th, 2007

Finally, next Thursday, September 6, 2007, Fred Thompson will formally announce his candidacy for President in the 2008 elections.

His announcement will run, via webcast, on which will kick off a capmpaign tour through Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

From the I'm With Fred, newsroom release, August 30, 2007:

For Immediate Release

Thompson to Announce Run for President with Online Video Followed by Three-State Campaign Tour

McLean, VA – On September 6, 2007, Fred Thompson will be announcing his intention to run for President of the United States with a webcast available to millions at The launch of the video will be followed by a five-day campaign tour through Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

“I believe that there are millions of Americans who know that our security and prosperity are at risk if we don’t address the challenges of our time; the global threat of terrorism; taxes and spending that will bankrupt future generations, and a government that can’t seem to get the most basic responsibilities right for its citizens,” stated Fred Thompson.

“The response that we’ve received makes me confident that we have an opportunity to change politics in Washington and across the country, and take on these challenges the way every generation of Americans has faced the challenges of their time – with unity, hard work and a belief that we will come out on the winning side,” continued Thompson.

“We enter this campaign in a strong position,” said committee manager Bill Lacy. “Fred is consistently near the top in the polls, and conservatives across the country have put together the closest thing to a draft in recent presidential campaign history in an effort to bring about this day. The next few weeks will only serve to build upon those efforts, with house parties nationwide on the 6th, and visits to the early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, quickly followed by stops in Florida and a homecoming in Lawrenceburg, TN on the 15th.”

“By announcing via webcast, Fred is able to take his consistently mainstream conservative message directly to the voters, who are already responding to that message with a strong upwelling of grassroots support. The webcast and the following campaign tour will play to Fred’s strengths, a consistent record of conservatism, his ability to clearly spread his message, and his ability to work with and connect with Americans from all walks of life,” said Lacy.

The committee will file our formal paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission within 15 days, the time allowed by law after Fred decided to run. Additionally, we will begin to consider candidate based events following Fred’s broadcast on September 6, 2007.

Campaign tour cities and dates are listed below. Exact event locations will be released in the coming days.

Thursday, September 6

Afternoon Des Moines, IA

Evening Council Bluffs, IA

Friday, September 7

Morning Sioux City, IA

Evening Mason City, IA

Saturday, September 8

Morning Cedar Rapids, IA

Afternoon Davenport, IA

Evening Portsmouth, NH

Sunday, September 9

Afternoon Manchester, NH

Evening Nashua, NH

Monday, September 10

Morning Charleston, SC

Afternoon Columbia, SC

Here is Fred Thompson's full voting record.

Bloomberg brings us some comments about Fred's voting record:

Voting Record

Thompson, who served eight years as a Tennessee senator before deciding not to seek re-election in 2002, has been touting his conservative credentials. He says he's ``unabashedly'' against allowing abortion and is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

``You look at my voting record on things like taxes, regulations, national security, abortion-related issues and guns,'' Thompson, 65, said in the interview. ``By any measure, I've got a conservative voting record and I think those are the principles our country was founded and that's what makes for a better nation.''

Thompson has already criticized Republican frontrunner Giuliani's stance on gun control, citing legal efforts Giuliani attempted to target gunmakers.

He also takes a hard-line stance against illegal immigration and was highly critical of the failed effort in Congress to overhaul the law. He links it to national security.

Border Security

``We can't or won't stop illegal immigrants from coming across our borders when in the last few years we've picked up thousands of people from terror-related states alone,'' he said in an Aug. 25 speech before the Midwest Republican Leadership Conference in Indianapolis. ``We only catch one out of three in the era of the suitcase bomb, where a small amount of material could wreak havoc on this country.''

His pending candidacy has hurt John McCain by knocking the Arizona senator out of the top three in most national polls.

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