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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Family that lost two sons in Iraq speaks out and says "The Nation is at war"

A quickie because it has been a hectic day.

ABC has a report from Jeff Hubbard, the retired California police officer who lost two sons in Iraq.

Despite his family's devastating loss, Hubbard told reporters that his support for the country's campaign to combat global terror is undiminished. "We just want people to support the nation in what it's doing to make the world a better place," he said.

Few families can understand the emotional toll of war as well as the Hubbard family of Clovis, Calif. Three of Jeff and Peggy Hubbard's sons have served in Iraq. Two of them died there. Their son U.S. Army Spc. Jason Hubbard was called home from duty after Nathan's death.

"[Nathan's] overall personality was that people gravitated to him because he had an upbeat personality all the time," said Jason, who joined his father at the news conference. "He had a very laid-back, easy view of life."

Nathan and Jason were members of the same platoon in Iraq, and Jason told reporters they worked together "day in and day out."

On the day of the crash, the brothers' platoon had been separated and each group was traveling to and from its mission in separate helicopters.

While Jason's helicopter took off safely, Nathan's wasn't as lucky.

"Thirty seconds into the flight some of my guys noticed that there appeared to be a helicopter on the ground," said Jason. "I knew Nathan was in there."

"In one swift moment, half of my platoon was killed," said Jason, who said he remembers seeing his brother's body getting carried from the aircraft. "I have pictures from Iraq that I look at and every picture you look at there are 10 of us in it and five or six of them are dead. It's hard. It's extremely hard."

Marine Lance Cpl. Jared Hubbard was killed in Ramadi, Iraq, in 2004 while working as a part of a two-man sniper team.

The Fresno Bee has the transcript of an interview with the Hubbard family.

Despite the loss this family has suffered they are true patriots that wants what is best for this country.

Nathan's body return home weds to his parents.

More from Forbes.

"The nation's at war," said Jeff Hubbard, the soldier's father, a retired police officer. "We just want people to support the nation and what it's trying to get accomplished by making the world a better place."

Our sympathy goes out to them.

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