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Monday, August 27, 2007

Leadership in Damascus Orders Large Scale Attack gainst Israel

I think pretty much everyone knew this was coming and Israel has been aware of this for time, but a Palestinian source in Ramallah confirmed that the leadership in Damascus had indeed instructed West Bank Hamas members to carry out a large-scale attack.

So much for Nancy Pelosi's statement that the road to peace goes through Damascus on her counterproductive, bumbling trip to Syria to play footsie with al-Assad that did nothing but embolden him.

Back to the Jerusalem post article:

A Palestinian source in Ramallah contradicted Moussa, and confirmed that the leadership in Damascus had indeed instructed West Bank Hamas members to carry out a large-scale attack.

Earlier Sunday, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) deputy director said at the cabinet meeting that Hamas leaders in Damascus have told the group's loyalists in the West Bank to carry out a large-scale terrorist attack inside Israel.

Due to Hamas's current frustrations, he said, there was an increased chance it would become more actively involved in carrying out attacks here and abroad.

The attack would have to be on a large scale to force Israel to react and that reaction will come fast and hard. Hamas is already flailing in Gaza and they would have to make an attempt to launch their attack from the West Bank to stop the improvements that the West Bank and Fatah has been seeing since they separated from Hamas and Gaza and started negotiating with Israel.

In other news from Israel reports that an IDF officer accidentally entered Jenin and Palestinian police forces saved him before his car was torched.

Shortly after the incident the Islamic Jihad angrily accused the PA Preventive Security forces of thwarting an attempt by the organization to kidnap the officer in the heart of Jenin.

"After taking control of the officer our fighters were surprised to see the Preventive Security closing in on them and taking the uniformed soldier. Within minutes four Israeli military jeeps arrived and the Israelis were given the officer by the Preventive Security.

"The Palestinian security forces must defend our fighters and the Palestinian people from the weapons of the occupation, not defend the soldiers of the occupation from the weapons of the resistance," said the group in a statement issued later in the afternoon.

Just after noon the IDF received word of the incident from the Palestinians and intelligence information verified that an Israeli officer was indeed in Jenin. IDF officials were in contact with the Civil Administration and Palestinian police and troops prepared for an emergency scenario that would include IDF soldiers entering the city to retrieve the officer.

"The soldier erred and when the Palestinian Authority officials noticed this they did their duty, picked him up and transferred him to the District Coordination and Liaison office," said Salah Basur, deputy commander of the Preventive Security forces in Jenin.

He rejected the claims of Islamic Jihad and said the officers acted in the best interest of the Palestinian people.

I will update if anything further arises...

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