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Sunday, October 16, 2022

With The Globalists Locked In An 'Escalatory Cycle' Pushing World Closer To Armageddon, This Is What We Can Do In The Seconds After The Nukes Hit To Increase Our Chances Of Survival

October 16, 2022 

With The Globalists Locked In An 'Escalatory Cycle' Pushing World Closer To Armageddon, This Is What We Can Do In The Seconds After The Nukes Hit To Increase Our Chances Of Survival 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this October 15th story over at NPR titled "Opinion: The specter of nuclear Armageddon," it's the 'small notes' in the news that can sometimes shake you the most, with the NPR story reporting Newsweek did that this past week by running one of those "Best Places in the U.S...." articles, though not focusing upon the best local barbecues, towns for retirement, or trips to see fall foliage but "the Best Places to Survive Nuclear War in the US." 

And while we at ANP just days ago ran this story on nuclear war prepping, we're going to double down in this new story with Western media reporting the West is now readying nuclear war crisis plans, with Western leaders seeking to avoid chaos at home in case of a 'nuclear event' in Ukraine, while in the minds of the globalists, the threat of 'nuclear annihilation' is finally overshadowing their 'fears' of 'climate catastrophe,' terrorism and 'global disease outbreaks.' 

So while in this October 13th story we focused upon building nuclear fallout shelters, preparing to carry on after a nuclear EMP takes down the electrical grid, planning on measuring radiation, responding medically to the aftermath of a nuclear strike and more, in this story we'll be focusing upon what we should do immediately upon learning of a nuclear strike in our areas to increase our chances of survival.  

As this story republished on October 14th over at Business Insider titled "If a nuclear weapon is about to explode, here are 17 things you can do" had warned, there are ways to survive a nuclear blast, with there being survivors in Hiroshima, Japan who were within 900 feet of the epicenter of that nuclear blast.

With that story going on to give us a series of steps that we should take if we learn of an imminent nuclear blast near our vicinity, their advice reads somewhat like the steps one would take if one learns of a nearby tornado, putting as many layers between oneself and the blast/tornado as possible. From that story.: 

What to do if you get a notification of imminent attack 

If you receive notification of an imminent attack, your first priority is to seek shelter that will protect you both from bodily harm from the blast and from the radiation in the fallout that will follow. 

If you're driving, pull over, get out, and make your way into a building, Buddemeier said. 

Seek shelter indoors, preferably underground and in a brick or concrete building, per the Red Cross and FEMA. 

Go as far underground as possible, per the Red Cross and FEMA. If that's not possible, try to stay in the center of the building, for example in a stairwell. 

The deeper and lower in the building you can get and the farther from windows (which can shatter), doors (which can fly open), and exterior walls (which can cave in), the better your odds. 

"I think of the same kinds of things that we do for tornadoes," Buddemeier said.

And while much of their advice is just good common sense, and one certainly doesn't want to decrease their odds by looking directly at a nuclear blast (temporarily or permanently blinding one's self) or going outside following the blast (exposing one's self to radiation,) the next diagram below provides us with a snapshot of where to go in a radiation emergency.

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And while radioactive fallout will spread out for hundreds of miles as we'd also reported in this October 13th ANP story, if one is exposed to a radiation cloud, there are immediate steps that one can take.: 

If you're outside, your first priority is to shelter from the blast wave. 

Take cover behind anything that could protect you and lay flat on the ground and cover your head, per the Red Cross. 

Don't assume the blast has passed you — it could take up to 30 seconds for the wave to reach you, per the Red Cross. 

After the blast wave passes, you want to limit exposure to radiation. If you're still outside, cover your mouth with a cloth or a towel, which can reduce the amount of radioactive fallout you breathe in, per the Red Cross. 

Take shelter as soon as possible, regardless of how far you are from the impact. Radioactive fallout can travel hundreds of miles, per the Red Cross. 

As soon as you are safely inside, remove the outer layer of your clothing. 

What to do once you've found shelter 

If you were outside, you want to get the fallout as far away from your body as possible. Too much exposure over a short time can damage the body enough to limit its ability to fix itself, fight infection, and perform other functions, leading to a dangerous condition called acute radiation sickness

Typically, about 750 millisieverts of exposure within several hours can make a person sick. This is roughly 100 times the amount of natural and medical radiation that an average American receives each year. A 10-kiloton blast can deliver this much exposure within a radius of about a mile

Removing your outer layer of clothing can reduce the amount of contamination from fallout by up to 90%, per the Red Cross. 

If possible to do so safely, put all the contaminated clothing into a plastic bag that you keep far away from others and pets — the clothes may still be emitting radiation. 

Wash your hair and skin with water and lots of soap and shampoo. Do not scratch the skin and do not use conditioner, which would bind any the radioactive material to your hair, per the Red Cross. 

Gently blow your nose and wash out your ears, where contaminated dirt may be trapped, per the Red Cross. 

A shower is best. If that's not available, a wet cloth wash will still help, provided the cloth hasn't been outside, per FEMA. 

If your pet was outdoors, they could also be covered in fallout which could expose you and them. Gently brush your pet's coat then wash then with soap and water, per FEMA. 

If you can, close windows and fireplaces, turn off fans, air conditioners, and forced-air heating units, per the Red Cross.

As that Business Insider story concluded"The most important to be inside when the event occurs, either when the detonation occurs or when the fallout arrives," and while ensuring that may not be totally possible as we all have our lives to live, jobs to do and errands to run, remembering what we should do just in case we're out and about at a time when mushroom clouds are lighting up the skies could make the difference between life and death as countless people are sure to panic.

And as we see in the next map below showing potential nuclear targets in America which used FEMA, the National Resources Defense Council and Medicine and Global Survival outlets as their sources, the phrase 'location, location, location' will have never been more important than it will be during a nuclear blast, with the locations represented by a purple triangle seen in the map of the USA below sure to get hit by a Russian 500 missile bombardment while the locations represented by a black dot would be the likely targets hit in a 2000 missile bombardment. You can see the map below in much more detail here

So with the map above of potential nuclear targets in America showing that most of the East coast of the USA would be toast, along with nearly every big city across America, including upon the West Coast, but not even taking into account the damage that would be done to the country in an EMP strike that took down electrical grids from coast to coast, or via one of Russia's 'tsunami bombs' that explode off the coasts, inundating US coastal cities for hundreds of miles inland with warned of 1,600' tidal waves, flooding population hubs, globalist talking head Jeremy Shapiro warns we are well on our way on that path towards nuclear war in his recent 'War On The Rocks' blog entry.

Warning in his opening that:

'In war, nothing is inevitable and not much is predictable. But the war in Ukraine has a direction that observers can see and that we should name.....a proxy war between Washington and Moscow. The two sides are locked in an escalatory cycle that, along current trends, will eventually bring them into direct conflict and then go nuclear, killing millions of people and destroying much of the world.'

While, of course, globalist Shapiro blamed Vladimir Putin and Russia instead of Joe Biden and Ukraine, typical for globalists to ignore their own actions over many decades that have contributed heavily to the state of war now being experienced in Ukraine, we nevertheless see in his words the mad rush the globalists are on towards 'Armageddon,' as if they feel it is their birthright in this mad, mad world we're living in. 

With Shapiro, also billing his 'War on the Rocks' blog as 'National Security, By Insiders, For Insiders,' warning that what he lays out "is only a scenario. None of it is inevitable, of course. But this is the path that we are currently on and the likelihood of it coming to pass grows by the day as one side or the other becomes more desperate," it correctly concluded "the consequences of this path are deeply ruinous."  Yet it's a path Biden and the globalists remain on, no matter the forthcoming ruin. 

While in the 1st video below, Mike Adams takes a look at the escalatory cycle that the globalists are now locked in, pushing our planet closer and closer to a nuclear war we many will never be able to come back from, the 2nd video below is titled "How to Survive a Nuclear Attack: Human Guinea Pigs" while the final video below is History Channel's "Countdown to the Apocalypse: The Four Horsemen Portend Doom." 

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