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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

With The CFR And Their Overlords Out To Kill Most All Of Us, Something's About To Break And Break Hard As Mid-Terms Approach And Americans Grow Increasingly Angry At The NWO!


By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

Dictionary-dot-Com says a Selectorate is a “body of people responsible for making a selection, esp members of a political party who select candidates for an election”. The Brits have a slightly different view when they said in the Cambridge dictionary that it means “group of politicians from a particular political party who elect someone to a political positionrather than a larger group of voters”. We will go along with the first definition, the American one, rather than the Brits because it is too limiting as it is not really the politicians that select our leaders but a much more powerful group that we will get into later. So basically we can say it means a body of people that are responsible for making a selection of just who will be candidates for an election, with most definitions adding that it is by members of a particular political party. We will expand on that definition with some frightening and evil overtones.

A fascinating short overview of the theory of a Selectorate is given in the web page by Rules for Power where their diagram is a bit different than the one given at the top of this column (and includes a couple side graphs showing the relationship with Dictatorships and Democracy) that show how it is arranged in many nations that put together a coalition government as is often seen in the European nations along with other non-communist dictator style governments around the world.   

The above graph shows the difference between a “Presidential Regime” and a Parliamentarian Regime but please note that the USA is NOT a Presidential Regime because of the Electoral College. It may appear as one because of the insane appearance of the lowest primary elections idiots somehow magically appearing as the winning team to take over the reins of power in this nation. In order to understand a bit better, realize that it is a fairly new theory and as Wikipedia states, “Originally proposed in 1993 as a part of a work titled The Logic of Political Survival, …. discusses the selectorate theory of politics. Their theory was refined into a 2011 publication titled The Dictator's Handbook. The main thesis of the book is the implications of selectorate theory and how to improve world and national politics based on its principles.”

Let’s be sure we understand the direction this theory assumes and repeat a couple ideas from the above; “2011 publication titled The Dictator's Handbook…. how to improve world and national politics”. So it appears the theory covers how to create or institute a dictatorship rather than a popular election system of open government regulated by The People. As the Wiki article continues they bring up an interesting thought when they state that the “theory is based on a single idea: No political leader has ever had total control of their government. Leaders need the support of at least some people to lead, because those people either do something for the leader or tell other people what to do. This means that there is a group of people the leader needs to persuade in order to obtain or keep power. These people are the Selectorate”. So a Selectorate power structure is different than an Autocracy or Imperial power structure because that power is NOT in the hands of a single individual but a coalition of powerful people.

I bring this up because with our 2022 elections less than three weeks away I believe it is instructional to understand just how our candidates, most especially our Presidential candidates, are selected (and not ‘elected’) in reality and not in the Civics theories we were taught in school. True, we are not voting for a President this time, but the lingering effects of this election will definitely be felt when we do in 2024.

 Another informative graph found on a political website under the name of Taylor Pearson is very interesting as it discusses another term called Disintermediation that helps determine the distribution of power among smaller and larger Selectorate bodies, as shown below.

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It should be obvious that a more powerful dictatorship would require a smaller Selectorate than a more equitable larger one would afford the subjects being ruled, as the previous comment about Dictatorships should be remembered. Technology, especially the mass information distribution systems (as in the News and other Media) that can effectively remove the more stringent rules because an educated public can modify the Disintermediation balance of Agency and Power. Again using the Cambridge dictionary we find that Agency means (among other meanings) “the ability to take action or to choose what action to take”, meaning that you have the ability and the right to decide for yourself what actions, thoughts, and so forth you wish to take and not be forced by some dictatorial entity. And using the Wikipedia definition, they define the sociological aspect of Agency as “the capacity of individuals to have the power and resources to fulfill their potential and that is the definition I am using here.   

Now back to the Taylor Pearson article we find this statement of fact; “If you want to improve the outcome you’re getting, you don’t ask for people in power to be “nice” or “fair” or “just,” you disintermediate the people that have power and distribute it to more people.” So how do you “disintermediate” the system? You do not need to scream and ruckus about as it is far more useful to water down the power structure and relieve them of their power and that can theoretically be done by massive voter turnout as well as understanding just who the powers behind the Selectorate really are. And that is a well argued idea that may be better handled by first covering just who determines the candidates. And they do far more; they actually determine the winners, or who is going to be their puppets in the power offices as depicted in the graphic below.

Using this graphic it appears that with the Selectorate being strong and the loyalty to the system by the People also strong, then the status quo is preserved. However, remove the strength of the power structure and show the people how far into slavery they really are, then a Coup d’état would seem forthcoming. Also realize that Civil war, Revolution or even worse might be the result, not just a coup as we witnessed in the 2020 farce of elections. The loyalty of the People is fading fast, and I am not sure how to destroy the power of the Selectorate. But that then begs the question; “Just WHO are the Selectorate?” Let’s get to that next.

I picked up a great book, if I remember correctly, at a Constitution Party state convention or something similar called The President Makers by a gentleman named Don Fotheringham (whom I have spoken with before) who states in the Acknowledgments that in this book he is “merely a compiler. He did not invent the story you are about to read. It’s a chronology of how the United States got into its present state of decline” based on historical events and then notes that “it is quite remarkable that the roots of today’s problems should be found in yesterdays journals, and its equally odd that century-old editions remain intact and unabridged.”

In the Forward to this book we read “A century ago it was no secret that public policy was dictated by America’s wealthy families.” Here I would like to interject the term Selectorate as the operative term. Continuing, “It was no secret that public policy was dictated by America’s wealthy families. Names like John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan held a mystic fascination among all classes of people. To under-paid labor they were the Robber Barons; to academics they were the kindly philanthropists; to business and industry they were the dreaded cartel kings. But whatever the appellation, one thing was certain; the Big Three did not build their fortunes in the customary manner of risk and venture.” They had no intention of doing business on a level playing field, and the situation with the power hungry and wealth obsessed is stronger now than ever before.

Mr. Fotheringham gives the first three chapters over to those three barons histories, and then discusses various historical moments, facts, wars and other affairs that brought us to the present time (present meaning up to 2014 when the book was published). It is much further on in his great book that he discusses, starting in chapter 30, the CFR/White House Alliance. We have gone over before in other columns published here on ANP of the absolute evil and degenerate aspects of the Council on Foreign Relations and how they are a huge part of the New World Order and their iron fisted grip on power in this present world we find ourselves imprisoned in. Let’s just cut it all down to they are the ones running the WEF, the UN, NATO, and in short the western world as a whole, and so many other nations around the globe that they have all but complete power over the world’s affairs. As one of the top layers under the actual top-devils known as the Rothschild’s and their all but complete ownership of the worlds wealth and a controlling factor in the world’s wealthiest top dogs they wield incredible power. This book shows that it is they who install the Presidents of the United States (and the leaders of so many other nations in this world I will add). He goes on to show who and how they installed Presidents from Ike to the Kenyan imposter and their cabinets to enforce their ideas on how things should run.

It is his statement that “No president has been elected or re-elected since Hoover without the blessings of the CFR. Aspiring candidates – both Republican and Democratic – eventually discover the secret road to the White House. This requires a little skill in demagoguery and a commitment to the Insider’s global and socialist agenda. Little else is required.” I would like to interject that this also requires a full membership in the world’s Satanic community and oaths and rites associated with that evil. Relating to the often quieted phrase that nothing happens in politics unless it has been well planned, and it is all politics, he then goes over this aspect of the power structure that installs our Presidents. “Those who struggle with the stupidity theory of government can rest assured that government policy is neither stupid nor theoretical. It only seems stupid because most decent thinking people refuse to accept the law of intended consequences – the fact that bad things happen because they are intended to happen. Nor can most good citizens accept the reality that such a deeply imbedded evil infuses the highest levels of government.

I must comment at this point that our current state of affairs testifies to that reality very well, but his point that most do not see it remains valid. Allow me to illustrate this with the names of our current infestation in our White House, Biden and Harris. Continuing –

The consistent year-to-year downhill course of our country defies the odds. It has been downhill by design. Nothing else makes sense – nothing else explains why nearly all official policy is consistently detrimental to the United States.

No matter who wins the presidential election we get the CFR. No matter what we are promised we get globalization and collectivization. No matter who is elected we get more regulation, more foreign intervention, more government, more debt, and less freedom.” This has been the case since 1932.

Our course is open to us; we need to show by force of massive numbers that we do not agree with their evil agenda. Voting for Christian, Constitutional and Conservative candidates is the one thing that can blunt to some degree their evil  plans in spite of the fact that in the larger races (mostly national and higher state level offices) those candidates must all be vetted by the CFR and officially approved. The larger question is how to get We the People out to vote rationally and with the conviction of a good conscious when so many are just brain dead and uninformed zombies doing as the political commercials and puppeteers known as the “news” and the other fully controlled media tell them to do. Perhaps that is better said as they are dictated to do.

It may take a massive world war to break their bonds of slavery and dictatorship, perhaps an out of control full breakdown of the economic system as it appears we are headed to, or perhaps the miracle of a full on Christian conversion of most of the world. I do not know, but something is about to break and break hard. Be prepared, the CFR and their overlords are out to kill most of us as they have told us over and over again.

The President Makers can be purchased at many outlets but be minded that the retail price is only $19.95 and many outlets are asking many times that amount like on Ebay (plus shipping/tax), so be forewarned.

God Bless

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