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Thursday, October 20, 2022

The Biden Tantrum And Total Meltdown After November Will Be Epic - If We Think The Havoc And Chaos Biden Has Inflicted Upon America So Far Is Bad, We Haven't Seen Anything Yet!

October 20, 2022 

The Biden Tantrum And Total Meltdown After November Will Be Epic - If We Think The Havoc And Chaos Biden Has Inflicted Upon America So Far Is Bad, We Haven't Seen Anything Yet! 

By John Green of the Blue State Conservative for All News Pipeline

Inflation is at a 40 year high, and in spite of President Gremlin’s assurances to the contrary it is still rising. It went up another .4 percent in September. But Joe Biden claims that, “Some progress has been made.” Maybe he forgot where he was again and thought he was addressing some of Hunter’s Chinese business associates. Other than moving us towards being a Cubanesque socialist utopia, I’m not seeing the progress. 

Then Joe Biden made a lame attempt to help out Democrats in the upcoming election with a little fear mongering. At a speech in California he said that: 

If Republicans take control, the prices are going to go up, as will inflations. It’s this simple. 

The immediate Republican response was that as usual, old Joe doesn’t know what he’s talking about and he’s just lying to everybody. But those Republicans are missing the point. 

I believe this is the first time in Joe Biden’s 52 years of “public service” that he’s actually right. Though the reason he’s right is not the reason he wants everyone to believe. His statement is not a prediction. It’s a threat. 

Regardless of how big the red wave is, if Republicans take control of Congress next year they will have virtually no legislative power. They would need a veto proof majority to pass any legislation – and nobody expects that to happen. Don’t forget that President Gremlin got his leadership mentoring from President “Pen and Phone.” Does anyone doubt that Biden will be petty enough to use his pen to wreak havoc on America? If so, you haven’t been paying attention. 

Midterms are always a public verdict on the performance of the current Oval Office occupant. Unless I’m wildly misreading the mood in America, this midterm is going to be a drubbing of historic proportions for Democrats.

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After two years of COVID tyranny, a questionable election, a war on our civil liberties, international humiliation, a border that looks like black Friday at the Mall of America, and an economy that’s beginning to look like a rerun of That 70s Show, do Americans have a few things to tell the President? As they say in Minnesota – You betcha. Of course censoring speech, criminalizing protests, and pushing propaganda has kept the rage fairly underground for the last couple of years. 

But what the deep state and the propaganda ministry have not been able to take away from Americans is the ballot box. It is the last peaceful means for Americans to be heard. I expect their voices to be loud, and I expect our man-child in the Oval Office to get his feelings hurt.

So how will Biden react? We’ve seen a sample of “hurt-feelings” Joe’s behavior on the campaign trail. He resorts to insults and threats of violence. When one voter asked Joe a question about Biden family financial ties to Ukraine, he said, “You’re a damn liar, man,” and then called him “fat” for good measure. He also said that if he were still in high school, he’d “beat the hell” out of Donald Trump. We can expect President “Adult in Charge” to say and do inappropriate things – just as he always has. The man is a slave to his emotions. It’s who he is. 

After the midterms I expect Biden’s tantrum to be epic. There will be no Clinton style compromise or triangulation. He isn’t smart enough to see triangulation as a winning political move, and he isn’t mature enough to keep his emotions in check. He’s going to want to get even with Americans and there is no component of his character that will keep that urge in check. He’ll give angry speeches. He’ll call people names. Most importantly, he’ll use his presidential pen and his executive agencies to wreak havoc on America for no other reason than that he’s mad that we don’t adore him enough. 

First he will demand a few trillion dollars for liberal pet projects and to expand his deep state army of Democrat party operatives. When the Republicans refuse to comply, he’ll veto whatever government funding they approve and shutdown the government. Just like his pal Barack, he’ll make the shutdown as painful on Americans as possible – because he’s mad, he’s childish, and he can. 

The new leadership of Congress may want to address the myriad of problems Joe and his leftist fellow travelers have created, but they won’t be able to. 

President Gremlin will veto every bill presented to him, not because he disagrees with the legislation, but because it originated from the semi-fascist half of America and not the Democrats. The welfare of Americans will take a back seat to politics and Joe’s feelings. President Gremlin will use the regulatory powers of the agencies he commands to keep the supply chain good and broken. He’s going to amp up his war on fossil fuels by choking drilling, fracking, and the transport of oil and gas to death with regulatory hurdles. 

He’ll use his war on the weather – also known as anthropogenic climate change – to justify regulatory expansion. One need look no further than Sri Lanka and the Netherlands to see that climate change regulations are quite effective at starving people to death. Joe will see that as a feature not a bug. 

The EPA will choke agricultural production, Mayor Pete will choke transportation, and the Department of the Interior will choke energy production. 

All of these things will create product shortages, drive up inflation, and drive down economic activity. Family finances will be ruined and savings will be consumed for mere survival. Homes will be lost. Children’s future prospects will be cast in doubt as tuitions skyrocket and advanced education becomes something only government bureaucrats with guaranteed income can afford. 

There will be great suffering in America because Joe Biden will think we deserve it – for not recognizing his greatness. He is an angry old man who has never been held accountable for bad behavior. Do not expect the midterms to change that. 

So, let’s go back to Joe’s statement. Will inflation get worse if Republicans are elected? You better believe it. 

Regardless of how big the red wave is (and I think it will be humongous), the economy is going to get worse – much worse. Our Gremlin in Chief is going to make sure of it. He has issued his threat. Don’t doubt that he will deliver on it. Regardless of how Joe Biden actually got elected, he was inaugurated and we’re stuck with him. We’re going to have to live through the full 4 years of what that inauguration gave us. Hopefully we learn some lessons from the experience. 

This story was originally published here. Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker, American Free News Network and The Blue State Conservative. He can be followed on Facebook or reached at

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