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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

A Compendium Of The Deceitful Claims Made By US Government Agencies And The Biden Cabal During The Pandemic - COVID Was 'Dual Use' Biological Warfare Created By The Deep State

October 12, 2022 

A Compendium Of The Deceitful Claims Made By US Government Agencies And The Biden Cabal During The Pandemic - COVID Was 'Dual Use' Biological Warfare Created By The Deep State

- 'No Better Plan For Depopulation Than The Pandemic And Vaccines'

By Dr. Joel S Hirschhorn for All News Pipeline

Following is a terrific review worth all your attention originally written by Dr. Michael Gookin. The following is great thinking and analysis from a retired doctor; be sure to keep on hand and read on multiple occasions.

Are certain executive orders and various decisions made by the current White House helping or hurting the American people? How consistently accurate or disingenuous are the claims made by the federal government during the pandemic? With a best-case scenario involving an unprecedented confluence of government overreach and corporate greed to even more nefarious hypotheses as to what’s behind the pandemic, this author, a retired physician, challenges the reader to get educated, enlightened, and engaged because only a grassroots effort truly representative of the diverse array of American life can help us transcend the current dark trajectory made more translucent by hubris-driven behavior associated with the government and corporate response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


We’ll start with President Joe Biden’s biotechnology order stating his plan to develop more offensive biological weapons (see video below). While the official origins of SARS-CoV-2 haven’t been verified yet, the jury is still out, with the intelligence agencies split essentially down the middle. About half of them believe the zoonotic line, while the other half believe some sort of human-made intervention. So, we cannot be certain how COVID-19 started but there is a high probability that it may have been the result of lab experiments.

If this is in fact correct, this would make the action in conflict with the 1989 Biologic Antiterrorism Act, which was ratified by both houses of Congress and signed by President Bush. This author believes that Biden’s executive order is trumped by this act should it ever be determined as to a human-made origin. 

Are the president and his handlers attempting to do an end run around any national laws by signing a treaty with the World Health Organization? Would this serve to supersede national laws, thereby placing more power and control during pandemics into the hands of WHO and the CDC instead of individual states? Based on what we all collectively just went through during the pandemic, would this be in the best interest of the American people? 

Below this author includes considerable references, and according to some experts, evidence that almost everything our government has done during the pandemic has ranged from negligent to outright deceitful, harming millions along the way. It’s time to transcend this madness by gaining knowledge, lowering fear, engaging, and organizing. Please watch this video and you will understand.

Law Professor Francis Boyle who wrote the 1989 Biologic Antiterrorism Act: Illegal Biden biotechnology order to create biologic weapons and Biden's plan to sign a treaty with WHO giving them power over our medical organizations 

What follows are some truly questionable claims by the federal government during the pandemic. 


In 180,000 omicron patients in an Israeli study of paxlovid with at least one risk factor for a bad outcome, 0.5% of the patients had a low oxygen count, were admitted to the hospital, or died.  

Effect of paxlovid in reducing risk of severe COVID 

The point here is that while there are still higher-risk cohorts that need more attention, the government continues to use the media to propagate scare campaigns to create a culture of fear; one that doesn’t think rationally about actual risks. This has served to tear people apart based on their stance on vaccines and the like. 


Among 223,128 people in Itajai, Brazil, those who didn’t use ivermectin 4 times a month for COVID prevention were twice as likely to get infected, 7 times more likely to die of COVID, and 12.5 times more likely to die overall than the 8,325 patients who reliably took ivermectin, even though those who reliably took it were older and had more risk factors. No patient who reliably took ivermectin reliably needed hospitalization for COVID. 

Regular use of ivermectin leads to up to 92% decrease in COVID mortality 

Regardless of one’s opinion of ivermectin, the vaccine doesn’t prevent COVID-19. That’s apparent since last year with the Delta variant surge. Breakthrough infections became normal while other possible repurposed drugs were thoroughly ignored. 


COVID obviously should have been treated with multiple drugs like other viral countermeasures, such as is the case with AIDS. The groups below treated over 20,000 patients with multiple generic and over-the-counter drugs with less than a 0.1% mortality rate. Our government tested none of the protocols. There are no randomized trial data because the doctors felt it was unethical to have a placebo group. Dr. Brian Tyson is running for Congress in California. 

Dr. Zelenko Covid19 Early Treatment Protocol 7000 patients 

Fareed and Tyson Protocol 7000 patients 

Dr. Andrea Stramezzi Italy 6000 patients


This is a complete lie. The NIH studied 29 branded, non-generic drug company products before studying a single repurposed (existing) drug for early COVID starting 6/23/21. In that study (ACTIV-6), they used 40% of the correct ivermectin dose and didn't admit to it when the study turned out negative. To their credit, they are now studying triple the dose. 34 months into the pandemic no repurposed drug has an emergency use authorization.

They ignored the data below:

Ivermectin: The Truth 13 minute video

FLCCC Alliance: Ivermectin in COVID=19

Dr.Theresa Lawrie meta-analysis shows a 62% decrease in mortality due to ivermectin

75% lower mortality and 44% fewer admissions 10 studies of hydroxychloroquine

Hydroxychloroquine is effective, and consistently so when provided early, for COVID-19: a systematic review. 43 studies

There was a reasonable likelihood COVID could have been successfully treated with over-the-counter drugs!

Over-the-counter therapy with famotidine (pepcid) and certirizine (zyrtec) which stabilize mast cells, the cells which cause allergies, were likely to work, but NIH decided in 2020 not to test them. So did the American Academy of Asthma Allergy and Immunology (AAAAI) which was told of the association of mast cells, and COVID in January 2021. They were initially excited, but since they had contact with the coronavirus taskforce, there is nothing about mast cells and COVID on their website and there was nothing about it at their national meeting. People should ask them why they didn't do the work they should have that might have ended the pandemic worldwide.

Famotidine vs placebo in 55 COVID outpatients

Generic antidepressant fluvoxamine 100 mg twice a day lowered admissions by 32% and death by 91% in 1497 patients who finished the study in TOGETHER, but it did not get an emergency use authorization in the US. Meanwhile, Merck's Molnupiravir's efficacy data was the same. It got an EUA.


TrialSite just published a study led by Dr. Fernando Valerio in Honduras showing significant benefits of fluvoxamine against hospitalization and death.

Antiandrogen proxalutamide lowered admissions by 92% in one study and shortened the duration of illness from 21.8 to 4.2 days in another but couldn't get anything published in a major journal. See the work of Dr. Flavio Adsuara Cadegiani.

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Zelenko in NY, Fareed, and Tyson in California, The FLCCC Alliance in the US, Stramezzi in Italy, and Rapiti in South Africa treated over 20,000 patients early with multiple generic and over-the-counter drugs with very little to no long COVID.  

While this doesn't prove that these regimens prevented long COVID they undoubtedly should have been investigated given they represent economical, accessible mixes of well-known medicines.

The government tested none of the protocols. There is no Duke, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, or Harvard protocol for multiple drugs. Why is that? Data on paxlovid, molnupiravir, high dose ivermectin, metformin, and hopefully famotidine (pepcid) to prevent long COVID is coming but should have been available a long time ago.

The most promising study by far for prevention is the NIH-sponsored ACTIV-6, run out of Duke, which had mostly delta patients used ivermectin 0.4 mg/kg for 3 days on an empty stomach throughout the trial instead of the 0.6 mg/kg for 5 days with food recommended by the FLCCC Alliance even though they were told during the trial that their patients were severely undertreated. Not surprisingly, the low dose didn't work, and neither the investigators nor the New England Journal of Medicine admitted that patients were severely under-dosed. Many people at Duke were written about the disingenuous actions of the researchers in the trial.

Prior to their article being published in NEJM, in February 2022 ACTIV-6 increased the dose to 0.6 mg/kg for 6 days to see if it shortens the duration of illness and then to see if it prevents long COVID.


There are 23 million Americans with long COVID which affects 10-15% of omicron patients. Patients are exhausted, can't think straight, and have a lot of neurological problems among many other things after having COVID.

Harvard study shows virus antigens persist in many long COVID patients

Many patients may be candidates for treatment with antivirals paxlovid,  molnupiravir, ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine.

Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have been used successfully by the FLCCC Alliance with ivermectin being especially useful. It also aids in ridding the body of spike protein and is helpful for the gut microbiome.

Struggling with long COVID, Brandon Sutter is taking ivermectin

Many if not most of the problems with COVID are related to its ability to activate mast cells which causes cytokine storms and is a big problem in long COVID. Dr. Lawrence Afrin says 17% of the US population has abnormal mast cells and that\u2019s the younger people who get really sick.

COVID-19 and mast cell activation syndrome

Long COVID can often be helped by over-the-counter H2 mast cell receptor blocker, famotidine (pepcid), and H1 blocker certirizine (zyrtec). Here's an excellent audio on the use of antihistamines for long COVID.

Dr. Leonard Weinstock on mast cell therapies for long COVID

Do you think it's possible that NIAID (the A stands for allergy), headed by Dr. Fauci with many mast cell experts doesn't know that antihistamines help many with long COVID and might be able to prevent it?

Micro blood clots unlike anything ever seen in medicine are seen in 94% of long COVID by dark field microscopic exam. Many think they are the main problem. Ways to prevent or eliminate micro clots by anticoagulants and anti-platelet therapy are being worked on.

Triple therapy for micro clots is effective   

After having COVID, a lot of patients develop POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), caused by a problem with the autonomic nervous system. You get lightheaded and dizzy and your heart races if you stand up for a while, called orthostatic intolerance, fatigue, brain fog, and a lot of the symptoms. Prior to COVID, there were about a million patients in the US, mostly young women with POTS. Now there are millions more. There are treatments for it. Most of the treatment is done by cardiologists.

67% of 2314 long COVID patients have moderate-severe autonomic dysfunction.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Over 40 government grants for long COVID were just announced worth $37 million.

Government announces long COVID research grants

None of the grants involve the evaluation of any therapies for long COVID!

There are no grants for the study of mast cell activation or micro blood clots, the two most obvious potentially treatable problems!


NEJM  reported the 3 large, randomized trials of ivermectin vs. placebo for early COVID, TOGETHER, ACTIV-6 and COVID-OUT. All three gave 40% of the correct dose on an empty stomach when it should be given with food. NEJM ignored the severe underdosing of ivermectin and numerous other problems in order to make ivermectin look bad so it would not threaten drug company profits.

3/30 NEJM reported that ivermectin failed to show benefit- Let's take a closer look. TOGETHER Trial

Ivermectin fails to shorten recovery time in ACTIV-6, but patients got 40% of the correct dose. NEJM


NEJM published an article claiming the vaccines were safe in pregnancy. 700 of 817 patients were vaccinated in the third trimester. 82% of those vaccinated in the first two trimesters had miscarriages.

COVID Injections in Pregnant Women Lead to 8 times increase in Spontaneous Abortions and 3 times increase in Stillbirths

Importantly, while these recommendations were made, the vaccine EUA fact sheets/then labels still maintain there isn't enough data to comment on the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines to this day. See the label for Pfizer.

In section 8 under 'Use in Specific Populations' to this day the FDA declares:

All pregnancies have a risk of birth defects, loss, or other adverse outcomes. In the US general population, the estimated background risk of major birth defects and miscarriage in clinically recognized pregnancies is 2% to 4% and 15% to 20%, respectively. Available data on COMIRNATY administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy.

The agency goes on to refer to a preclinical rat study as bolstering evidence for safety.

NEJM refused to publish this study from Brazil showing a significant decrease in viral clearance and a decrease in recovery time from 21.8 to 4.2 days. They couldn't find anything wrong with it but said, 'It was too good to be true,' but published that monoclonal antibody sotrovamab lowered admissions by 85% based on 24 patients reaching the endpoint. Proxalutamide has other studies with powerful results.

Proxalutamide shortens time to recovery from 21.8 to 4.2 days

There is much fraud in medical journals. It's not new.

The illusion of evidence-based medicine | The BMJ

Right now, the biggest medical journals won't publish anything deemed against government policy and routinely publish fraudulent data. Some publishers have taken note.

Hindawi and Wiley to retract 500 papers


mRNA codes for DNA for proteins which in the case of the  COVID vaccines was to result in the production of the Wuhan-like spike protein. mRNA is unstable. They put the mRNA into tiny fat droplets called lipid nanoparticles which carry it to your cells. Inside the cells, the mRNA causes the production of a modified version of the spike protein. They chose the mRNA for the spike protein because they thought it would generate a good immune response. There is one major problem: 


They put pseudouridine into the mRNA so it would last longer in the cells. As a result, the spike protein that is made differs from the Wuhan spike protein, and Pfizer and Moderna have no idea how to gain control over production. It's been found that in some cases, the vaccine spike protein is produced for at least two months. The lipid nanoparticles which carry them, instead of staying in your arm, go everywhere including the heart, the brain, the testes, and the ovaries.


The government and Pfizer won't tell anyone what's in the vaccines. Part of an emergency defense-like countermeasure effort, the Department of Defense maintains an interest in these vaccines. It's illegal to examine the vaccine, but researchers all over the world have pulled samples for various analyses.

The vaccines contain polyethylene glycol)PEG). Many people are allergic and have had anaphylaxis, some of whom died immediately. Many metals have been found. Some scientists that have written papers on their findings feature various nanotechnology which may have something to do with the massive 'clots' embalmers pull out of bodies. This author cannot be certain, as the write-ups of these investigations are not peer-reviewed. But regardless, there are accumulating data points that merit more formalized, systematized review.

Embalmers are making shocking discoveries in the blood of the dead

Self-assembling nanotechnology found in COVID vaccines

Lipid nanoparticles: Are they subtly changing human beings?


Destroying Women, Poisoning breast milk, murdering babies and hiding the truth

  1. a)  No pregnant women were included in Pfizer's original study probably because Pfizer knew the results of their study of 44 pregnant rats. There was a 300% increase in skeletal abnormalities in the fetuses.

  2. b)  Of  22,000 people randomized to Pfizer vaccine. 270 got pregnant, 238 lost to follow-up. Of the 32 pregnancies reported, 4 children were born alive

  3. c)  On what basis did the CDC say the vaccines were safe in pregnancy in early 2021? There were no randomized trials. The pregnant rats did poorly. The NEJM study showed it caused a lot of miscarriages. Given the recently uncovered Pfizer data, why has the FDA not stopped the vaccination of pregnant women? Why does the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology strongly recommend it?

Drs. James Thorp, Keely Victory, Dew Pinsky Vaccine damage to women

Again, referencing the FDA, itself the agency will not document publicly that the vaccines are safe for pregnant women\u2014see their language again:

In section 8 under 'Use in Specific Populations' to this day the FDA declares:

All pregnancies have a risk of birth defect, loss, or other adverse outcomes. In the US general population, the estimated background risk of major birth defects and miscarriage in clinically recognized pregnancies is 2% to 4% and 15% to 20%, respectively. Available data on COMIRNATY administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy.


Steve Kirsch: Evidence of vaccine harm

A massive compilation of data - 

10 million people reported problems after getting a vaccine. They reported their many problems on the V-Safe app. The CDC refused to release the data until recently after multiple lawsuits.

CDC V-Safe data released showing 7.8% sought medical attention after the shot

There have been claims for a  significant increase in cancers and explosive growth of previously inactive cancers due to suppression of certain Toll-like receptor number 4 which normally does surveillance of cancer.

Dr. Ryan Cole: Vaccines cause clotting, myocarditis and cancer

Famous pro vaccine doctor suspects Pfizer shot sent his cancer into overdrive

About 1-2% of those who are vaccinated wind up with a chronic severe illness usually with significant neurologic manifestations.

Informed Consent and the COVID Vaccines

In many countries it is significant.


Abnormally low birth rates in Europe


New COVID death data from England - Like so much similar data, it is the vaccinated that accounts for most COVID deaths. But data never stands in the way of government promotion of COVID vaccines/boosters. I emphasize that COVID vaccines greatly harm the immune system, making one more likely to get infected. 

Joel S Hirschhorn


Data signals were first detected when an insurance company found a 40% increase in mortality from July-Sept 2021, later confirmed by other insurance companies and corroborated by data from many countries. While not accepted by much of the mainstream this needs to be investigated.

Excess mortality since vaccine rollout

Increase in all-cause mortality

Florida surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo finds 84% increase in cardiac death in Florida in men 18-39

Doctors, Professionals from 34 countries demand investigation of mRNA vaccine injuries and death

Data doesn't lie: Correlation to all cause mortality

Vaccines killed 40 times more elderly than would have died from the illness-Israeli scientists

The US claims vaccine injuries are uncommon despite 1.4 million being reported to VAERS, including 26,000 deaths. Only one in 30-40 vaccine injuries is reported. Meanwhile:

Great Britain to pay up to $140,000 for individual vaccine injuries.

British government to pay vaccine injured people

UK data 2022. Significant increase mortality risk in the vaccinated


 Dr. Robert Malone virologist who first put mRNA into lipid nanoparticles on vaccines for children.

Damage to our children by vaccines.

Children's Defense Fund

55% of infants had a systemic reaction to COVID vaccines

Orders for child-size caskets are up significantly in Canada and the US

CDC: 86% of kids under 17 have COVID antibodies

As countries around the world stop vaccinating children, governor Newsome is mandating them for children


Documents reveal how the Biden administration and Big Tech colluded to censor "COVID Misinformation"

Federal judge demands that Fauci and POTUS press secretary hand over emails to social media companies in COVID censorship case

This author understands this media platform is apolitical with persons from all walks of life, political persuasion, and the like. The goal is to transcend political divisions that seem so convenient during this pandemic


The WHO is mainly funded by Bill Gates, and a lot of other interests that are biased in favor of Big Pharma. This video shows how the WHO was involved in intentionally causing infertility in unsuspecting African women via tetanus vaccines bound to HCG, a hormone of pregnancy. The US and WHO are capable of anything.

Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda.

See the documentary TrustWHO where the makers uncover alarming corruption at the institution purportedly there for public health.


Are there defense connections to the pandemic? Dr. Joseph Mercola suggests there are. Much technology in the United States starts in military-related (dual-use research of concern) endeavors. Could that be the case here?

Role of the Department of Defense in the Pandemic


TrialSite contributor Sasha Latypova, and product development expert in the field of FDA-regulated therapies and products.



Was your COVID shot from a bad batch?


This author suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic response was well orchestrated. While the origin of SARS-CoV-2 hasn't been proven, substantial data points to a leak at the Wuhan Virology Institute in Wuhan, China. The U.S. NIH (part of Health and Human Services' part of the executive branch of the federal government), has actively financed that lab even during a halt on such research as gain-of-function in the United States. It certainly looks like the government was using the Wuhan lab via EcoHealth Alliance as an outsourced coronavirus research lab in what appears to this author as a cooperative venture between the U.S. and China.

Early on even prominent NIH scientists were highly concerned with the novel coronavirus.  They pointed out that the Furin cleavage site which makes the virus so transmissible, and toxic does not appear in any other coronaviruses. Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci quickly met with the team to change the narrative. After that meeting suddenly to mention a lab leak theory was to be called names such as conspiracy theorists or worse, canceled.

Those involved have published articles about creating what sure seems like foundational technology. An amino acid sequence in the virus was patented by Moderna in 2016. The purpose of creating the virus very well could have been 'dual use' meeting for both civilian prospects as well as for biological warfare. Underlying a tangled spaghetti ball of patent ownership rights definitely appears a government-military interest in these vaccines.

While some people believe that this pandemic was planned, even calling it a 'plandemic,' one doesn't have to go that far to call out the problems. Clearly, at least some members of the political and corporate class have exploited this pandemic for their own greed or power-driven purposes.

A more mainstream interpretation is that a combination of government incompetence and arrogance plus industry capture combined with the unfolding pandemic created a perfect storm for a confluence of corporate greed that meets government overreach. Whatever the ultimate underlying cause, the outcomes are terrible.

The weight of the evidence for negligence at the least, to fraud and full deception and possibly even criminal actions, gets heavier by the month yet few among the public are aware of the magnitude, or danger of this situation.

Enormous sums of our taxpayer money were used, directed, and circulated to keep the population occupied, including scientists and physicians, journalists, attorneys, law enforcement, and others that should be taking this corruption head-on. So, lots of folks were paid off, and lots simply look the other way to ensure they keep their careers.

The media made it all possible by keeping the public in the dark. In this age, the mainstream media becomes a sort of propaganda arm for the state and industry.  Our government healthcare agencies have in this author's point of opinion betrayed the public. Drug companies were allowed to lower standards, possibly committing some fraud along the way.

The actions of our current democratic leadership, in an attempt to remain in control, as well as gain power and control during this pandemic have been nothing short of scandalous, or worse. Those responsible must be held accountable.

This author hopes you disseminate this information widely. Unfortunately, none of these citations originate from the mainstream media as they have served to hide the truth. The references and citations originate from multiple sources including many from TrialSite News.

Here's what some have to say:

Pro-vaccine cardiologist now calls for an end to vaccines

Wall Street's Edward Dowd on vaccine fraud. He has the insurance company data about the marked increases in mortality and government data on increased disability since the vaccine rollout. Democrats have hidden everything while pushing new vaccines with no human testing.

Wall Street's Edward Dowd: The evidence is in. A crime has been committed of epic proportions. It's the fraud to end all frauds

If your kid is going back to college, mandating them another shot is not based on any science and is dangerous to your child.

9 mainstream experts: Vaccines "unethical" and up to 98 times worse than the disease for college students

How to fight college mandates with science

Dr. Paul Offit at CHOP on FDA advisory committee says there is no reason for young people to take boosters this fall but CDC director Rochelle Walensky says everyone should take it.

Legislation in California was signed by California governor Newsome saying that doctors can only talk about COVID information as the government tells them to or face losing their licenses.

California will criminalize Informed Consent if Newsome signs AB2098


The media is supposed to tell us when the government is not truthful, but the media and social media have done everything possible to protect democrats and hide the truth from the population no matter how much damage it causes. The 'Trusted News Initiative' has empowered the largest media and social media companies all over the world to do whatever is necessary to protect drug companies, governments, and globalists who want to run the world.

What is the Trusted News Initiative? - by Jennifer Brown

Reporters and editors at many newspapers have been sent a ton of science showing the government fraud and have done nothing. 8 people at the Philadelphia Inquirer were sent 4 articles on how the 240 million people of Uttar Pradesh, India wiped out COVID with ivermectin. They could have alerted those in the Philadelphia area to things that could have prevented sickness and death, but they didn't.

The Inquirer wasn't as bad as the NY Times, LA Times, and Washington Post who not only failed to publish the truth but published distorted and often outright false articles. The mainstream TV media and especially CNN and MSNBC did the same thing while Facebook, YouTube (owned by Google), and Twitter censored anything positive about repurposed drugs or negative about the vaccines.

Ivermectin has been under attack by the FDA, drug companies, and the media. Here is Dr. Jennifer Ashton of ABC news with three blatant lies about ivermectin. Dr. Jennifer Ashton ABC News

1) It has not been widely used in India

Indian Officials Claim Ivermectin Great Benefit in COVID

2) She emphasized that it is not an antiviral. It's a 3CL protease inhibitor.

The mechanisms of action of ivermectin against Sars-CoV-2: An extensive review

3) It is not safe to use in humans for COVID

Ivermectin Safety Overview.

If the public does not rise up and end this tyranny, Joe Biden and company will force useless, deadly vaccines on you and your children. They will tell your doctor how to treat you and take their medical licenses away if they do not comply. Americans are figuring it out. Only 7% of Americans have gotten a second booster. Few are getting the new bivalent vaccines. Don't expect Joe Biden to let 171 million vaccine doses go to waste.

Biden administration orders 171 million bivalent booster doses after successful 8 mouse study in which all rodents got corona anyway

This is not just about the US. The crimes against humanity are going on all over the world. The actions of the US emboldened other governments to abuse their power and citizens with damaging lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and restrictions on the use of effective drugs. If the politicians, those in medicine, drug company executives, the media, and big tech who perpetrated this fraud are brought to justice in the US, it will spill over to the rest of the world.

I still believe most people in my chosen profession want to do right by their patients. But our system has become so contaminated and rigidly controlled with Pharma Disinformation and influence that it is often safer and easier to do nothing.

You know one way to build courage? Arm yourself with information. Knowledge builds courage, and together knowledge and courage can lead to great things.

Dr. Pierre Kory, president FLCCC Alliance

Other relevant links:

Senior FDA Official: "It's like a horror movie I'm forced to watch, and I can't close my eyes."

Attorney Warner Mendenhall on Litigation in COVID

Covered up COVID19 Vax Medical Catastrophe Dr. Peter McCullough

Origins of the Virus- Dr. Jeffrey Sachs. Everyone on my committee lied

Jeffrey Sachs: A call for independent inquiry into origin of COVID

The high-speed bivalent boosters are here

50 reasons to give your kid the new COVID shot

Dr. John Campbell: The illogic of the New Vaccine Recommendations 

German working group finds toxic substances in vaccines

The myriad of abuses that face masks inflict on our children

FAA and Military Whistleblowers

The COVID gene sequence has a section patented by Moderna in 2016

Risk benefit analysis does not support vaccines for younger people

Rigged: Pfizer and FA hid Maddie's severe vaccine injury

Israeli COVID vaccine disaster and coverup

Many false positive PCR tests because of misuse of the test

State-level High Court to Indian National Disaster Response Agency: Set up COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Framework ASAP

Dr. Fauci on BA.5 Booster Rollout - We have No Time for Clinical Trial Data

Denmark bans COVID shots for almost everyone under 50

German insurance claims hints at millions of unreported vaccine injuries

Hospitals spent $5 billion on useless drug while ignoring generic options

Remdesivir is (at best) useless against COVID-19. At worst, it is dangerous to patients who receive it. HERE.

BBC Collaborates with Facebook to Purge Vaccine-Injured Groups Online (

Pediatric ICU nurse fired for being unvaccinated

How Bill Gates and partners used their clout to control the global COVID response-- with little oversight

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