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Friday, October 14, 2022

As 'General Armageddon' Takes The Reins Of Russia's War Machine, Be Prepared For TEOTWAWKI As The World Has No Experience Stopping A War Between Two Nuclear-Armed Foes

October 13, 2022 

 As 'General Armageddon' Takes The Reins Of Russia's War Machine, The Wise Will Prepare For TEOTWAWKI As Nuclear War Between Two Nuclear-Armed Foes Only Ends In Annihilation 

- 'The World Has No Experience Stopping A Nuclear War'

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With NATO holding nuclear war deterrence drills next week, ex-NATO chief Richard Shirreff claiming the world must be ready for NUCLEAR WAR and Russia tapping the man known as 'General Armageddon' to win the war, we serve our families and loved ones best by preparing for such a catastrophic scenario as well, just in case things spiral completely out of control in the next few days, weeks or months. So we will go over all kinds of nuclear war prep from experts, including building fallout shelters and Cresson H. Kearny's classic book "Nuclear War Survival Skills," in this story. 

Because with numerous different ANP readers mentioning in our comment sections they've noticed a palpable sense of concern about the prospect of nuclear war breaking out amongst their own co-workers, friends, neighbors, etc., and that 'concern' sure to turn into 'shrieking panic' once the first official nuke explodes no matter where it happens, those who are physically prepared to deal with such a scenario will also be much better mentally prepared for what would follow soon after. 

As this December of 2016 story over at The New Yorker had reported, "Once the first nuclear weapon detonates, nothing might prevent the conflict from spiraling out of control." Warning also that back in 1945 when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed, Japan didn't have nuclear weapons so they couldn't respond in kind, the story elaborated on why that is so important in 2022 with nuclear armed countries, America and Russia, potentially now going up in nuclear war against each other.:  

“We have no experience in stopping a nuclear war.” 

That 2016 story that explored what might happen during a nuclear war then mentioned the 'titanic effect' and how nuclear weapons central purpose was being carefully designed to kill noncombatants for the sake of deterrence and how such systems become more dangerous the safer the creators of the system think it has become. From that story before we continue.: 

Every technology embodies the values of the age in which it was created. When the atomic bomb was being developed in the mid-nineteen-forties, the destruction of cities and the deliberate targeting of civilians was just another military tactic. It was championed as a means to victory. 

The Geneva Conventions later classified those practices as war crimes—and yet nuclear weapons have no other real use. They threaten and endanger noncombatants for the sake of deterrence. Conventional weapons can now be employed to destroy every kind of military target, and twenty-first-century warfare puts an emphasis on precision strikes, cyberweapons, and minimizing civilian casualties. 

As a technology, nuclear weapons have become obsolete. What worries me most isn’t the possibility of a cyberattack, a technical glitch, or a misunderstanding starting a nuclear war sometime next week. My greatest concern is the lack of public awareness about this existential threat, the absence of a vigorous public debate about the nuclear-war plans of Russia and the United States, the silent consent to the roughly fifteen thousand nuclear weapons in the world. 

These machines have been carefully and ingeniously designed to kill us. Complacency increases the odds that, some day, they will. The “Titanic Effect” is a term used by software designers to explain how things can quietly go wrong in a complex technological system: the safer you assume the system to be, the more dangerous it is becoming.

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So while the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima killed between 129,000 and 226,000 people, most of whom were civilians, and remain the only use of nuclear weapons in armed conflict, the nuclear weapons of today make the weapons used back in 1945 look like just a horrifying walk through a park.

With 'Little Boy' dropped from the Enola Gay yielding approximately 15 kilotons of TNT while 'Fat Man' dropped from the Superfortress Bockscar was about 20 kilotons, the 'destroying power' of modern nuclear weapons of Russia and the US today have enormous power. Standard ones can have yields of 500 kilotons, 800 kilotons and even 1 megaton — equivalent to 1 million tons of TNT.

With a simple look at pictures of the damage caused in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, like the one seen above, and multiplying that 'destroying power' by huge numbers when thinking about the damage modern-day nuclear weapons would cause, in the next image below we get a small look from NukeMap of the Nuclear Secrecy website showing a simulation of the damage a modern day blast would cause if Washington DC was 'Ground Zero,' with the largest Russian nuke ever tested (back then!) leaving an estimated 2,273,720 fatalities and an estimated 1,657,480 injuries, and the very real potential that radiation will spread way out past Washington DC east to Annapolis and north into Baltimore, Philadelphia and beyond. From the map they tell us with a yield that size, in that location.:

In any given 24-hour period, there are on average 6,129,256 people in the light (1 psi) blast range of the simulated detonation.

And as wikipedia reports of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, "Over the next two to four months, the effects of the atomic bombings killed between 90,000 and 146,000 people in Hiroshima and 39,000 and 80,000 people in Nagasaki; roughly half occurred on the first day. For months afterward, many people continued to die from the effects of burns, radiation sickness, and injuries, compounded by illness and malnutrition."

Giving us a small taste of what we ourselves should get prepared for just in case things continue to escalate in Ukraine and Joe Biden insanely decides to get involved there, leading to the very real possibility of SHTF in the coming days, seeing what happened in Japan should also give 'We the American People' a HUGE reason to STAND UP and DEMAND that such a potentially world-ending scenario be avoided at all costs. In a modern day nuclear war, no one 'wins,' especially not 'the people' of the world, but that's really what the globalists want anyways, right? 

Yet with Russia bringing in the man they call 'General Armageddon' to win the war in Ukraine hinting that things will continue to spiral out of control there before they get any better, and there being a very real chance that if things 'spiral out of control' that will include many scenes like the one directly above across America, with those injury and death toll numbers multiplied by how many nukes are launched, as ANP had also been warned many times by our friend and the former Executive of the EMP task force, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry before he recently passed away, a modern day nuclear war in which Russia ONLY took down America's electrical grid would kill up to or beyond 90% of Americans via the resulting breakdown of society, injuries and mass starvation. 

And while we'd hope that all of this concern is for naught in the long run, and cooler heads prevail in the coming days like they eventually did during the Cuban Missile Crisis, those who didn't get prepared will surely be among the 90% who don't survive once TEOTWAWKI truly does arrive in America.

So with NATO and Biden talking about nuclear war in October of 2022 as things appear to be heating up to the melting point, we'll focus right off the top here with Geiger counters and nuke alert kits just in case that worst case scenario happens and a nuclear bomb goes off somewhere near where we live. As we can see in the image above, someone doesn't have to be in the blast radius to be seriously wounded by such radiation.

So we're wise to at least know how to build a fallout shelter and be prepared to do so at a moments notice in this world we're now living in. So the videos below examine the topic of building a quick nuclear fallout shelter in our own homes, along with much more, while the scribd embed at the very bottom of this story above the comment section is Cresson H. Kearny's "Nuclear War Survival Skills." 

With quick-at-home fallout shelters featuring easy to acquire materials such as Duct tape and heavy plastic sheeting, which you can use to seal doors to shelters and seal off any vents that open into it for a short period of time if a radiation plume is near, some other materials available right now include.:

Atmosure 1 Yard Copper Faraday Fabric (44" x 36") — EMF & 5G Blocker — Electromagnetic Radiation Protection from 5G Cellular Signal, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS — EMF Protection Blanket

Faraday Tape (1" x 20") + Faraday Fabric (44" x 36") - Atmosure EMF Enclosure & Protection from Cellular Signal, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS — DIY Wireless Shield Against EMI, E

5G Radiation Shielding Military Grade EMF Blocking Fabric-Electromagnetic Prevention Effectiveness Waterproof for Indoor and Outdoor by 1 Meter Long

Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket - Insulated Thermal Reflective Tarp - 60" x 82". All-Weather, Reusable Emergency Blanket for Car or Camping. Thermal Barrier Blocks Infrared Signature

ZIP Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (Pack of 100) - Individually Packaged- 84" x 52"

Geiger Counter/Nuke Alert Kits: 

NukAlertTM Nuclear Radiation Detector/Monitor (Keychain Attachable) Alarm

Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Dosage Alarm Professional High Accuracy Radioactive Detector Meter Beta Gamma X Ray Data Tester Marble Dosimeter (Black)

GQ GMC-500Plus Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Monitor Dosimeter, White

Ecosense RD200 RadonEye, Home Radon Detector, Fast & Accurate Real-Time Monitoring, OLED Display, Easy Setup with Free App, Bluetooth

RADTriage Model50 Personal Radiation Detector for Wallet or Pocket,Nuclear Radiation Detector,Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector, Anti Radiation Dosimeter,Ready-to-Go Portable Radiation Detector

Humdax Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector with LCD Display, High Accuracy Beta Gamma X-ray Nuclear Radiation Dosimeter, Rechargeable Radiation Monitor Meter

Radiation Burn Creams:

RemeVerse Radiation Relief & Recovery Cream for Radiation Burns; Unscented, Paraben Free Contains Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, Peptides, Healing Calendula to Soothe Sensitive, Irritated Skin 6 FL Oz

Natural Radiation Cream Burn Itchy Pain Relief CamWell Herb Soothe Oncologist formulated (Pack of 3 Tubes)


Organixx - Iodine - Pure Liquid Iodine Supplement - 1 fl. oz. - Support Healthy Thyroid Function, Restore Optimal Iodine Levels, Boost Mood & Energy Levels

Liquid Iodine Potassium Drops - 1300 Servings | Large 2oz Bottle | Great Taste | 2X Absorption | Just One (1) Drop a Day for Fast, Potent Thyroid Support - Potassium Iodide. Alcohol and Gluten Free.

Potassium Iodide | Iodine Supplement | 1 Year Supply | Iodine Drops | USDA Organic | Nascent Iodine | Vegan | Packaging May Vary | 1 Fl Oz

First Aid Kits:

First Aid Only 178 Piece Contractor's First Aid Kit (9302-25M)

Band-Aid Brand of First Aid Products Flexible Rolled Gauze Dressing for Minor Wound Care, Soft Padding & Instant Absorption, Sterile Kling Rolls, 3 Inches by 2.1 Yards, Value Pack 5 ct

All Health Wound Care Kit, 40 Items | For Small to Medium Sized Wounds

M2 BASICS 350 Piece Emergency First Aid Kit | Dual Layer, Wall Mountable, Medical Supplies for Business, School, Car or Home

Medpride 4’’ x 4’’ Sterile Gauze Pads for Wound Dressing| 100-Pack, Individually Packed Pouches| 12-Ply Cotton & Highly Absorbent| Gauze Sponge-Pads for Wound Care & Home First Aid Kits

And watching what happened in Japan, with countless people starving to death following the blasts, gives us another reason to double down on our food preparation if we haven't already done so, focusing on meat pales below but there is much more here and here.:

Fully Cooked Bacon, Ready to Eat, 80 Slices Per Pack / Case, 10 Year Shelf Life, Superior to Canned, Real Thick Cut, 2+ Pounds, No Refrigeration Needed, Grocery, Long Term Storage, Camp, Hunt, Lunch

Nutristore Freeze-Dried Grilled Chicken | Premium Quality Pre-Cooked Chicken Breast | Survival Emergency Food Supply | Home Meals & Lightweight Camping | USDA Inspected | 25-Year Shelf Life

Nutristore Freeze-Dried Chicken | Emergency Survival Bulk Food Storage Meat | Perfect for Lightweight Backpacking, Camping & Home Meals | USDA Inspected | 25-Year Shelf Life

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Nutristore Freeze-Dried Pulled Pork | Premium Quality Pre-Cooked Canned Meat | Survival Emergency Food Supply | Meat for Home Meals & Lightweight Camping | #10 Can | USDA Inspected | 25-Year Shelf Life (4-Pack)

ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply, Freeze-Dried Meat, Survival-Food Disaster Kit for Hurricane Preparedness, Camping Food, Prepper Supplies, Emergency Supplies, Entrée Variety-Pack Bucket, 60 Servings, Meat

Nutristore Premium Meat Variety Bucket | 60 Large Servings | Freeze-Dried Chicken, Ground Beef, Beef Dices, & Sausage | 25-Year Shelf Life | Made in USA | Emergency Survival Food Supply

The way we look at it, we can never have TOO MUCH 'drinking water' as our families and loved ones will be around to drink it if we're not, and it could make the difference between life and death.: 

Member's Mark Purified Bottled Water 24 cases (16.9 oz. bottles, 40 pk.)

Nestle Pure Life 8 Oz. Purified Water, 48 Per Carton

Ice Mountain Brand Distilled Water, 127.99 oz

And with any nuclear war giving us the real chance that the electrical grid eventually goes down, and the grid even being the target of an EMP strike, making sure we have a generator and fuel around to keep them going could be absolutely critical. Some standard generators available now and as close by as an order and delivery to your home include:

WEN DF475T Dual Fuel 120V/240V Portable Generator with Electric Start Transfer Switch Ready, 4750-Watt, CARB Compliant

DuroMax XP5500EH Electric Start-Camping & RV Ready, 50 State Approved Dual Fuel Portable Generator-5500 Watt Gas or Propane Powered, Blue/Black

WEN DF1100T 11,000-Watt 120V/240V Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Wheel Kit and Electric Start - CARB Compliant, Black

DuroMax XP13000E Gas Powered Portable Generator-13000 Watt Electric Start-Home Back Up & RV Ready, 50 State Approved, Blue/Black

Generac 7127 iQ3500-3500 Watt Portable Inverter Generator Quieter Than Honda, Orange/Black

DuroMax XP13000HX Dual Fuel Portable Generator-13000 Watt Gas or Propane Powered Electric Start w/CO Alert, 50 State Approved, Blue

Champion Power Equipment 200914 4250-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator, Dual Fuel Technology

Generac 70432 Home Standby Generator Guardian Series 22kW/19.5kW Air Cooled with Wi-Fi and Transfer Switch, Aluminum

DuroMax XP13000E Gas Powered Portable Generator-13000 Watt Electric Start-Home Back Up & RV Ready, 50 State Approved, Blue/Black

And a few other items available now for your power outage kits include:

Rocky Mountain Cable 100 Foot Outdoor Extension Cord - 3 Prong Weather Resistant Heavy Duty Orange Vinyl 10 Amps / 1250 Watts - 16/3 - Ultra Flexible, Water & Flame Resistant - Durable (100 feet)

Clear Power 25 ft 14/3 SJTW 3 Outlet Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Cord , Water & Weather Resistant, Flame Retardant, Yellow, 3 Prong Grounded Plug, CP10124

Extension Cord 15Ft Multiple Outlets 15 Feet Blue 14/3 SJTW, 14 Gauge Heavy Duty Indoor / Outdoor Power Cords ETL

Power Outage Emergency Kit

Etekcity LED Camping Lantern for Power Outages, Emergency Lights for Hurricane Storms Home, Camping Equipment Supplies Survival Kits, Battery Powered Operated Lanterns Lamp, 4 Pack

Emergency-Radio,Puiuisoul 4000mAh Weather Radios with Hand Crank & Solar Charging,3 Gear LED Flashlight,SOS Alarm, Portable Power Bank,AM/FM/NOAA,Motion Sensor Reading Lamp

Power-Bank-Portable-Charger-Solar - 36800mAh Waterproof Portable External Backup Battery Charger Built-in Dual QC 3.0 5V3.1A Fast USB and Flashlight for All Phone and Electronic Devices (Black)

Fuel cans:

Scepter USA 6792 Duramax 14 Gallon Flo-N-Go Fuel Caddy, Red

Eagle UI-50-FS Red Galvanized Steel Type I Gasoline Safety Can with Funnel, 5 gallon Capacity, 13.5" Height, 12.5" Diameter,Red/Yellow

Scepter FSCG552 Fuel Container with Spill Proof SmartControl Spout, Red Gas Can, 5 Gallon

And of course, as always here at ANP, if you have any ideas or suggestions at all for our other readers on nuclear war prepping or anything else, please leave them in the comment section below. With what it looks like America might be going through under Joe Biden in our futures, your comments could save lives. 

So as mentioned previously, each of the videos below take looks at some skills we might need in the coming days, including suggestions for building an at home nuclear fallout shelter with Jay Whimpey of Provident Prepper in the 1st video. Jay is the President of the American Civil Defense Association and he also shares with us some tips for living in a post-nuclear world in the 2nd video below while the final video below is also from Jay with nuclear fallout basics as well as building expedient shelters, information that we really can't have too much of in this world we're now living in.

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