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Sunday, May 05, 2013

NRA Has Target That Resembles Obama Removed From Convention

By Susan Duclos

A vendor at the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention was asked to remove a target that the NRA believed resembled Barack Obama a little too closely.

Via Buzzfeed:

The company, Zombie Industries, sells a range of three-dimensional "life sized" targets that "bleed when you shoot them." The Obama likeness has been on display for two days, but was notably absent on Sunday.

"Someone from the NRA came by and asked us to remove it" a Zombie Industries booth worker told BuzzFeed in hushed tones. "They thought it looked too much like President Obama."

There were other targets that liberals could claim had a resemblance to Barack Obama but this particular target was removed due the to NRA believing the likeness to Obama was too similar.

"They are just scared some liberal reporter will come by and start bitching" another booth worker said to men gathered around the booth. "But ya know, he does look very familiar."

The model, named "Rocky" is still available for purchase at the booth but is hidden from sight, leaving a gap among the targets on display which range from Osama bin Laden to a Nazi soldier.

Although Zombies Industries was responsible for the target, the NRA wasn't prepared to take any chances that liberals would use the target's likeness to Obama to claim that the NRA was somehow deliberately targeting Obama and using his likeness for gain.