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Friday, March 23, 2012

Democrats Take Obama To Task For Being A 'Waffler' On Keystone

By Susan Duclos

Barack Obama is taking flack not just from conservative supporters of Keystone on his latest waffle by supporting half of the Kepstone pipeline, which does not require presidential approval, while rejecting and lobbying Senate Democrats to reject the Northern portion of the pipeline, but Democratic lawmakers who support the Keystone XL pipeline are also taking Obama to task.

Rep. Dennis Cardoza said the president’s move wouldn’t satisfy anybody and would merely keep the issue alive.

“I think it’s the most idiotic political move I’ve ever seen,” said Cardoza, who supports the pipeline. The California Democrat said the president needs to make a decision one way or another and stick to it.

If he’s going to build it, “do it, take your lumps, be done with it,” he added.

Cardoza said the latest maneuver amounts to “highlighting a waffle.”

“They don’t build statues to wafflers,” he said.

The latest polling on Keystone shows the majority of Americans (57 percent) favor approving the pipeline from Canada to multiple locations throughout the United States but also those more informed and who keep up with Keystone news brings that majority up to 78 percent.

Keystone has a high level of support, majorities, from Republicans and Independents and pluralities from Democratic supporters including Unions which is another Democratic voting bloc.