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Friday, March 09, 2012

Soledad O'Brien Proves Breitbart's Point

By Susan Duclos

In an example of complete journalistic bias and a total lack of even the pretense of being objective, Soledad O'Brien proves the point that the late Andrew Breitbart made throughout his career and which his editors and staff continue to make so spectacularly.

Below is a video of Soledad O'Brien denying the news worthiness of the Obama Derrick Bell critical race theory bruhaha and beneath that is Rush Limbaugh pointing out that her reaction is exactly the whole point. O'Brien's reaction as well proves the media bias that Breitbart proved time and time again over the years.

In answer to O'Brien's question below: "YOUR reaction is the bombshell."

Rush says:

That's what she thinks. Any professor at Harvard is "distinguished" by definition. All you have to do is be there and you're distinguished. All you have to do is be at Harvard or Yale, Princeton, and you are "distinguished." There's no changing her mind on that. Those guys in the video made the right observation. (paraphrased exchange) You know, she's saying, "I don't know what you guys are doing. I don't see any big news here. I don't see where the blockbuster." And they said, "That's the blockbuster! The blockbuster is that you don't see anything here that is of any note. The blockbuster is you're not interested in finding out who Barack Obama is, and that's the only point we're trying to make. And thank you, Ms. O'Brien, for making it for us."

More on O'Brien's comments and how Wikipedia's critical race theory page have been edited 26 times yesterday alone including the removal of the phrase "White Supremacy".

[Update] To the argument itself about Critical Race Theory, JustOneMinute activates the search engine and stops at "Pollak 6, O'Brien 0."

Tom Maguire concludes:

So her statement about critical race theory - “There is no white supremacy in that" - is either woefully misinformed or a lie. And since she has claimed to be re-reading a book by Derrick Bell, I think she knows darn well she is lying.

Read the whole thing.

[Update] Link to who has an excellent piece on this issue.


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