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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Obama Revives Jim Crow

By Guest Writer Greg Lewis

The Jim Crow era was, as Thomas Sowell points out, a time when “courts [made] decisions based on the race of the defendants, rather than the facts of the case.” In the Trayvon Martin case, the “court” is the court of public opinion, one in which both the media who side with and protect the president and the president himself are the perpetrators of a new iteration of Jim-Crowism. They’re re-introducing this ugly practice into the public arena by quickly, before any evidence pro or con has been allowed to surface and be vetted, making inflammatory comments based on their biased assumptions that no white person could possibly be within his rights to use a gun against a black person in an incident such as the one that occurred between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

Barack Obama, Al Sharpton — you remember the 1987 Tawana Brawley case in which Sharpton was found guilty and fined for perpetuating Brawley’s lies about being raped by a group of white men — and the other race hustlers who have once again surfaced in the Trayvon Martin case are bringing Jim Crow back into the discussion, as they more recently did in the case of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. The results of the inflammatory rhetoric and the blatant misrepresentation of what is likely to have taken place between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman are that the president and his race confederates have spawned an ugly and dangerous escalation of tension, one fraught with violent intent.

Film director and Madison Square Garden denizen ”Spike” Lee tweeted an incorrect address for George Zimmerman to his 250,000 twitter followers, causing the couple in their 70s who live at that address to go into hiding, fearing for their safety because of the angry mobs that have surfaced in response to Martin’s death. Although Lee has apologized, he has not retracted his tweet or showed appropriate concern for the elderly couple his stupid and thoughtless action put in danger.

In what Florida Congressman Allen West correctly calls a ”hate crime,” New Black Panther Party higher-up Hashim Nzinga — now under arrest on a weapons charge — put a bounty on Zimmerman’s head, calling for him to be taken “dead or alive.” The first difference between this type of action and those of the period in our history from reconstruction through the 1960s is that it’s now blacks and not whites who are the raceniks. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s refusal to prosecute blacks accused of criminal activity is the hallmark of the new Jim-Crowism. The second is that the black race-perps have found, in addition to whites, a new minority to persecute: Hispanics. The attempt to cover up the fact that Zimmerman is of Hispanic origin was quickly initiated by the leftist media, who found it necessary to label him “white Hispanic.” They conveniently forgot to mention that Barack Obama is a “white African-American.”

Comedian Steve Byrne, who is half Irish and half Korean, explains the confusion about racial identity this way in his Comedy Channel Special, “The Byrne Identity”:

Barack Obama, half black, half white, you can be a black president. Tiger Woods, half black, half Asian, you can be a black golfer. Steve Byrne, gook. I have been called Gook, Chink, Pan-Face, Slope, Short-Round, Data, I-killed-your-dad-in-Vietnam. I’ve heard all those things, OK? My last name is Byrne, I’ve never been called Irish in my life. . . . When you’re mixed, we gotta call you something. What do we call you? Here’s what we call you: Whatever dilutes the water, whatever messes up Whitey, that’s what you are.

You’d think it was the president’s son who had been killed. Oh, wait, Trayvon Martin is what Obama’s son would have looked like if the president had had a son, therefore . . . well, you make the leap of race. Was Obama also suggesting that if he’d had a son it might be that his son, like Martin, would have been suspended from school for possessing marijuana paraphernalia, too, given the president’s indifference to the culture of the black community that implicitly condones such behavior and his unwillingness to speak out and take a stand against it?

Members of the black community have staged flash mobs to loot stores in North Miami Beach and Montgomery County, Maryland, in response to Martin’s death. Black Congressman Bobby Rush donned a “hoodie” on the House floor, then began reading from a Bible in order to further incite the growing liberal mob calling for Zimmerman to be figuratively strung up, or at least detained and made to appear before a kangaroo court. In doing so Rush violated the House rule that you can’t wear a hat in the Chambers of Congress, not to mention the unwritten liberal law that the Good Book and Christian principles are to be trashed at every opportunity. By his appearance and lawless behavior, Rush also made a mockery of his own claim that ”just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum.”

Contrary to what you’ve heard and seen on MSNBC, it does look as though Trayvon Martin might have been the aggressor in the incident. It is entirely possible that after Zimmerman followed Martin through the neighborhood, talking on his cell phone with a 911 operator, then stopped his pursuit and turned around, possibly returning to his car. It appears from eye-witness reports that Martin then turned around and followed Zimmerman, accosting him, and that Zimmerman shot Martin in self-defense, after Martin had broken his (Zimmerman’s) nose and had wrestled him to the ground and was beating him.

The fact is, though, that we’re not certain of exactly what took place, and until we are, the president, instead of fanning the flames of the new Jim-Crowism, might do well to make another public appearance, this one to warn the media purveyors of false evidence, those threatening and intimidating citizens, and the mobs taking matters into their own hands that he stands on the side of the due process of law and that he’ll let the law take its course before he again mounts the bully pulpit to spew another round of Jim Crow-worthy rhetoric.

Greg Lewis Ph.D. is the author of The Politics of Anger, which systematically lays out the communist/socialist foundations of the liberal political agenda by examining the important writings of leftist thinkers of the past 75 years.

Lewis also co-authored "End Your Addiction Now : The Proven Nutritional Supplement Program That Can Set You Free."


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