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Friday, March 09, 2012

Video- Gingrich Campaign Augments TV Presence With '250 Plan' Ad

By Susan Duclos

The Newt Gingrich campaign has augmented its television presence in Alabama and Mississippi bringing the total spending to $124,000 in Alabama and $83,000 in Mississippi. The additional advertising spending has gone toward Gingrich's “250 Plan” advertisement, shown below:

Transcript of $250 Gas Plan Ad:

Since Barack Obama’s inauguration, gas prices have doubled.

They didn’t go down when Obama bowed to Saudi oil princes.

But they can go down under the Newt Gingrich two-fifty per gallon plan.

The Gingrich two-fifty plan slashes gas prices by increasing domestic production, opening up off-shore drilling…building the Keystone Pipeline…cutting red-tape regulation.

The Gingrich two-fifty plan stops the great gas hold up…and puts money back in your pocket.

Newt: I’m Newt Gingrich and I approve this message.

On Twitter, Newt’s #250gas hashtag has been utilized over 40,000 times and his 30 minute address “$2.50 gas, American Energy Independence, and Jobs” has been viewed 55,171 times. (As of the writing of this post, via YouTube)

Gingrich is up in both Mississippi and Alabama by a four percent and one percent margin, respectively, and while there have been discussions among pundits as to whether Gingrich should drop out of the race, according to the RNC (touched on this in an earlier post) Gingrich has more "bound delegates" that Santorum has is the Republican contest for nomination, which clearly rebuts the pundits pushing for a suspension of the Gingrich campaign.