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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bloggers Helping Bloggers... Virtual Blogging Community Comes Together

By Susan Duclos

Bloggers are like a virtual community, those that can afford it travel to conventions, the CPAC, and blog from the road, meeting other bloggers. Others communicate online when they do not travel for whatever reason, but all in all when someone is in need, posting is done and published, word passes from post to post and word of mouth, so to speak, but generally the community as a whole comes together to help.

Not because they have to, or are forced to, but because they want to. No sense of "entitlement" but more the good nature of those that can help doing so in any manner they can.

In the spirit of helping and the virtual community of online blogging I would like to mention two in need.

One is DaTechguy, who dedicates time and much research and effort into spreading information, explains the circumstances that leads to his need for some help.

Click HERE and read up on his situation.

Next up is Zilla of the Resistance, who has some serious medical issues and explains the situation which has led to the blogging community coming together to help, HERE.

Pass it on, spread the word.