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Thursday, August 25, 2011

East Coast Braces For Hurricane Irene

Projected path of Irene as of Thursday morning from The Weather Channel

Irene is projected to be a category 4 hurricane and along the coast line states are watching and preparing.

The Weather channel also has pages for current information with winds, pressure and direction the hurricane is moving, a threat level page showing low, med, high, extreme and catastrophic levels of threat to specific areas of the coast,

Hurricane Irene will be a very dangerous hurricane as it tracks towards the East Coast this weekend. Anyone in the corridor from eastern North Carolina to the Northeast U.S. should be preparing for a hurricane!

As of Thursday morning, the first tropical storm and hurricane watches have been posted for the U.S.

Interactive map: Hurricane Irene interactive projected path

Photo above from NASA Earth Observatory

The National Hurricane Center is also tracking Irene closely and provides links to a variety of information including wind speed probabilities, interactive maps, 5 day forecasts and the information is constantly updated with changes.

Nasa provides the image of Irene from above.