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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Video: Perry In NH: Obama's 'Grand Experiment' With Economy a 'Terrible, Terrible Disaster'

Perry in New Hampshire (at the end of the video below): "In my perspective we have spent the last two-and-a-half years in a grand experiment with the American economy and it has been a terrible, terrible disaster."

The Boston Herald provides more quotes from Perry:

“The rhetoric will probably get heated. I’m going to be outspoken, I’m going to be passionate, I’m going to be calling it like I see it,” Perry told the Herald in a one-on-one interview, as he shrugged off Obama’s recent scolding that he should be “more careful” about what he says.

“And if I hurt the president’s feelings, well, with all due respect, I love my country and I love future generations more than I care about his feelings,” the 61-year-old governor added.

I said the other day that Rick Perry was throwing political correctness out the window and that it was about damn time a politician did so and starts calling things like they see them.

I am very glad Perry plans to continue to do so.

Americans will respect straight talk, passion and the refusal to walk softly and beat around the bush for the sake of political correctness.

H/T Hot Air.

[Update] If the quotes above and video above are what Liberal media outlets like Bloomberg calls "subdued", I simply cannot wait to see Perry take off the gloves!