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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Perry Vs Obama: Putting America Back To Work

Back to work

Since Rick Perry's South Carolina speech declaring his intention to run for president in 2012, his main focal point has been getting Americans back to work. In every speech he has mentioned it. He has put his plan out there.

It has been one of his most used expressions at every stop, in every conversation.

Today I see Barack Obama thinks it is a good expression, one that resonates with the public, so his weekly address is even titled "Getting America Back to Work."

Nice thought, but who is the public going to give more credence to when it comes to jobs and job growth?

The Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, who has presided over a state that is responsible for approximately 37 percent of all the nations jobs created or the man, Barack Obama, that has presided over a country that hasn't seen unemployment under 9 percent since his first year in office?