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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Obama Parties While Our Troops Starve

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Hat Tip to Iggymom

Today President Barack Hussein Obama will be celebrating his 50th birthday with a mega-million dollar bash costing each guest $35,800 each.  Each person will be well fed you can assure.

Today members of the military in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and other overseas locations will not be well fed.  They will be short of food, short of water, short of ammo, short of toiletries.  In fact they are being systematically wiped out by their own government.
A Special Message from

Debbie Lee,
Gold Star Mother
In Loving Memory of Marc Alan Lee, US Navy SEAL

Dear friends, I’m writing this to you as an emergency response to an extremely urgent problem developing for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan right now…

This week I received a very concerning letter from a longtime supporter and mother of a deployed soldier. It seems like our current Commander-in-Chief, after snatching up credit for killing Osama bin Laden, has now forgotten the remaining 120,000 soldiers abroad that are serving their country by fighting a deadly war against terrorism. Help us show the troops that Americans have not forgotten about the sacrifices they are constantly making and thank them for their courageous patriotism by sending a much needed care package!

Unfortunately, the media only covers the sensational stories and it looks like the government neglecting our troops in combat deployment is just not that interesting of a story. On Monday I received this letter that just turned my stomach:
I mentioned to you that my son would soon be deploying to Afghanistan for the first time. He is now 21 and has been there for almost three weeks. It has been tense at times but he loves his country and believes in his mission.You asked that I let you know his units address and you would be sure that care packages were sent. We have been sending one a week and have asked Chris (our son) to please share as well as let us know who in his unit hasn’t received anything and we will be sure they are taken care of. Mail is slow so we don’t have those names yet.

I guess since Obama has announced the draw down the PX’s are no longer stocking much so my son has asked for the bare personal hygiene items that one would think they would have. In other words, everything is appreciated.

- MAF Supporter

As you can see by the pictures, the shelves in the makeshift PX are empty. The few items are suppose to be available to a whole base of hundreds, not for a few men and women.

Our troops deserve better.  Much better.  Like it or not liberals, we are fighting a war, not a police action, not a containment, but a war.  Our fighting men and women deserve to be fed properly, given good, clean water, enough ammunition to do the job.  And they need the kid gloves to be removed!  So what if they wake up a village with gunfire?  They are cleaning the area of the enemy and making it a better place for the locals.  Who really cares if they point their weapons at a "civilian"?  If your enemy dresses and hides behind the "civilians" then the "civilians" will be hurt, or have guns pointed at them.

While President Obama stuffs his face with gourmet treats, don't let our men suffer.  It isn't right.  Call your Congressman, your Senator, let them know how angry you are about this.

If you are really generous you can send a care package to our troops.  The Campaign Store has "Care Packages" for all budgets.  From the small individual pack to the battalion pack, each one helps our troops.

This is just a sample of what our troops will receive.  Just a few moments here and you will make a soldier's life a little brighter.  And that is all that really matters.

Thank you and may G-d Bless!