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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Video Footage- As London Burns

Massive protests across London have sparked much discussion but the visuals, via videos, truly capture the unrest racing across the UK.

Videos below:

LIVE update: Riots spread to Birmingham, London chaos no end

London on Fire: Video of Tottenham anti-police riots, bus blaze

London riots turn mad: Video of massive fire in Croydon

Fresh video of London riots: Crowd street rampage

London riots: Cars, buildings ablaze in Peckham, Croydon, Hackney

Tottenham Riots: Torched houses, cars in London violence aftermath

Much more at YouTube.

News reports, via Memeorndum:

As Rioting Widens, Cameron Deploys 10,000 More Police

London riots: BBC criticised for branding thugs as ‘protesters’

Panic on the streets of London.

British riots spread on third night of violence