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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Miracle Of Jobs Growth In Texas

Just read an excellent piece over at Political Math about the "miraculous" jobs growth in Texas over the last decade from a non-Rick Perry supporter. Yep, someone that doesn't like Rick Perry for our next president and was prepared to dig into the raw data and prove why Texas's job growth numbers were not spectacular, then proved the exact opposite.

He doesn't credit Rick Perry with the tremendous growth that has occurred in the decade Perry has governed the state of Texas, but he does counter the liberal arguments that are being spouted across the media and liberal blogosphere.


So I was going to drive my point home that Texas was nothing special by looking at their raw employment numbers and reporting on those. That's when I saw this:

Go read the rest, see the charts and the raw data provided.

H/T Just Karl.

Follow that up with Kevin D. Williamson's facts and figures on the same topic over at NRO.