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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Far Left Liberals Repeating Their Palin Mistakes With Rick Perry

There is an expression about learning from one's mistakes, a lesson that far left Liberals haven't seemed to comprehend and the recent media, blogosphere, especially those on the far left, frenzy over Rick Perry shows that progressive Liberals didn't learn from the mistakes they made with Sarah Palin.

John McCain put Palin in the spotlight by choosing her as his VP of choice during the 2008 presidential campaign, but it was the far left, progressive Liberals that made Sarah Palin a household name. Who put her in a position she is in now, where every book she writes is a national best seller, candidates she chooses to support tend to do well in elections, facebook notes she writes end up being front page news and reporters follow her like little puppy dogs, is all thanks to the amount of ink, words, media stories and blog posts written about her and most of them by the far left in their attempts to destroy her.

Since Governor Rick Perry declared he is officially running for president in 2012, the political news site that shows the most talked about stories, Memeorandum, has been full of stories about Rick Perry.

Today alone, so far, I see no less that 70+ media articles, blog posts and video moments all about Perry.

Since he is a GOP candidate, one would expect most of the stories to be by conservatives who have a new face in the field, or Perry supporters that feel he would be the best choice as president.

At first it is to be expected that people from the opposite political side would comment, report Perry's declaration to run, perhaps dedicate a post or two to his record and his voting history, but the frenzy is full of misleading moments, cut videos edited for the specific purpose of trying to label Perry as racist, attempts to negate Perry's record in Texas where the jobs growth has been 37% of the nation's total...etc...

Using the numbers on job growth in Texas as just one example, something that was reported well before Perry entered the race, the far left cries "but they are low paying jobs", "unemployment is still 8.2%", "it is Texas oil that is responsible", and on and on they go to attempt to negate the very fact that Texas did have the largest job growth, to claim it means nothing and to make people forget that over the last decade, Perry was indeed the Governor that presided over it all.

So, of course, others step up and dig into the numbers, and show why those attempts are nothing more than hot air blown up the butts of those liberal site's readers.

Political junkies, like myself, will follow the process and learn all we can, but what do the general public, the majority of voters who never open a blog, hear the loudest from their half hour long nightly news?

Job growth in Texas has accounted for 37% of the nation's job creation.

Same thing about the latest bruhaha where Perry said it was almost treasonous for the Fed , to print out more money at time where our credit rating has been lowered for the first time in history, our economy is in the tank and we spend more than we bring in, and that if Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke did so, the people in Texas would treat him pretty ugly.

Liberals went on the offensive yet again, dedicating hundreds of stories and blog posts to claiming he threatened Bernanke... but what do those that watch the nightly news hear the loudest?

Perry doesn't think printing more money and throwing good money after bad is a good thing.

Those are just small examples of what the frenzy has done for Rick Perry.

The takeaway here is that before Perry entered the race, other than political junkies and those who live in Texas, not many people knew who Rick Perry was.

Days later, thanks in large part to the help of Liberal media personalities and far left progressive bloggers, Perry climbed to the top of the GOP people taking a double digit lead over Mitt Romney and InTrade has Perry listed as 8% more likely than Romney to walk away with the GOP nomination.

No amount of money could have bought Governor Perry that kind of publicity, no amount of campaign ad buys could have catapulted him into the homes of Americans and given him the name and face recognition he now has less than a week after entering the race.

Governor Rick Perry truly needs to start sending out thank you notes to each Liberal media personality, writer and journalist, as well as to every blogger that made sure his comments and speech soundbites made it to the national television news, local and cable.