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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dem Pollster Puts Rick Perry In The Lead In Iowa

Public Policy Polling (Democratic) has released their Iowa poll findings which puts Governor Rick Perry in the lead of the GOP pack of candidates.

The race is pretty close four ways in Iowa but Rick Perry is the new favorite among Republican voters in the state. Among announced candidates he's at 22% to 19% for Mitt Romney, 18% for Michele Bachmann, and 16% for Ron Paul. Further back are Herman Cain at 7%, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum at 5%, and Jon Huntsman at 3%.

If you throw Sarah Palin into the mix the numbers are pretty similar with Perry at 21%, Romney at 18%, Bachmann at 15%, Paul at 12%, and Palin registering at only 10%.

Hot Air points to PPP's Twitter feed which states:

11:34 (CT): Our national GOP poll, out tomorrow, is better for Perry even than the Iowa one. Double digit lead.

Bachmann did win the Iowa Ames straw poll on the same day as Perry declared which means that he received votes in that poll from write-ins but his name was not listed, so this latest PPP poll would imply that as of Perry's entry the good people of Iowa has taken a good look at him and like what they see so far.