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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Night, and perhaps a HUAS

Hey Patriots! Just me, skeez, your redneck, right wing, extremist, Tea Bagger. How ya'll are? I speak redneck. I am supposed to, right? Ahite then, we understand each other. From that dang old heartland, them there religious folks, you know, the ones that support America, I got a beef, and it ain't on hooves. Wanna read on?

Ok then. We were warned. That big ole' asteroid was headin' our way. Oh, this was in the year of our Pre-POTUS, and we totally ignored it. Now, here we are. Read this, from October, 2008. Yeah, everybody blogs. Best qoute from this here thang.." All it does is discourage hard work and reward sloth." I got Brother-in-Law like that. I like that spelchex thang/.

Ain't that a bitch! Should we change that date, maybe to a birth of sorts? 0001, DOA. Uh, us dummies from America, did not understand. I can make it plain and simple. Nah, I cain't do thayat! I be stupid....... ooops, caught on video and it never gets old! :)

Dayum! He said that? We didn't pay a dayum bit of attention! (you were warned)

I have, oops HAD, a man, WORKING WITH ME, AND HE SCREWED UP. Then he denied it, then, came back in the morning to rationalize it. We, seem to be rationalizing. We bought a boat, with a hole in it, and all we do is look for a bigger bucket. Ere ya abouts to Wake Up?

Skeez, Gesundheit. I Skeezed.

Head Up Ass Syndrome award? You tell me.