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Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Night Funnies

Let's play computer 101. You can be a Liberal, and spend time trying to figure out how to make a movement of People, change. Or play games. Makes us up to be something, in your tiny mind as a bunch of fools. It will not work. We have the site, we have taken it over. (you have to be able to read, bypass video and go to link below)

No political party needs pay attention, nothing here to see. (but is so funny to see the act, it is a play of sorts.) I'm sure there will be infiltrators, would not be fun if they didn't. It is almost like playing Farmville. Ignore video,....unless you are in the Farmville Zone. Not REALLY Nostrodumbass!

So, be bored. But here is where the real excitement is!

I could call them a bunch of names, but that would not be nice. I didn't have to, amazing, Patriots have already done it. I did infiltrate a bit. I was not alone. This site is crashing faster than a bad COPS episode.