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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

George Will: 'Goverment Is Refusing To Fulfill its responsibility to control the nation's borders'

Linkfest in George Will's column showing why Arizona and other states have the right and obligation to protect their states from illegal immigration and the crime associated with it, given the government refusal to fulfill it's obligation to protect our country by securing our borders.


It is passing strange for federal officials, including the president, to accuse Arizona of irresponsibility while the federal government is refusing to fulfill its responsibility to control the nation's borders. Such control is an essential attribute of national sovereignty. America is the only developed nation that has a 2,000-mile border with a developing nation, and the government's refusal to control that border is why there are an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona and why the nation, sensibly insisting on first things first, resists "comprehensive" immigration reform.

Arizona's law makes what is already a federal offense -- being in the country illegally -- a state offense. Some critics seem not to understand Arizona's right to assert concurrent jurisdiction. The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund attacks Gov. Jan Brewer's character and motives, saying she "caved to the radical fringe." This poses a semantic puzzle: Can the large majority of Arizonans who support the law be a "fringe" of their state?

The whole thing is a must read and make sure to follow all his links to see where he is coming from.


Despite the rhetoric coming from Harry Reid (to attempt to save his political office), Democrats such as John Kerry, acknowledge that an immigration bill will not happen in the near future.

Face it, Democrats are already looking at massive losses in the House of Representatives in November 2010, this could potentially turn those massive losses into historically massive losses.