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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ohio Homeland Security officials falsify credentials, cozy up to Islamic radicals

Cross posted from Assoluta Tranquillita:

From American Thinker(what an apt name!):

April 21, 2010

Ohio Homeland Security officials falsify credentials, cozy up to Islamic radicals

Rick Moran
A whistleblower inside Ohio's Homeland Security Department is telling a tale to Rusty Shackleford's Jawa Report that is not only unbelievable, but frightening as well.

Writer Barbarossa's inside source reports that thousands of taxpayer funded brochures had to be destroyed:

Last Friday they informed us about the department's destruction of thousands of taxpayer-funded brochures because the author, multicultural affairs director Omar Alomari, had promoted a whole laundry list of Islamic groups identified by the DOJ and FBI as groups that had supported terrorism. Alomari described these terror-tied groups in the brochure as "organizations we [Ohio homeland security] are working with".

Then on Monday we were informed that just last week, Ohio homeland security director William Vedra defended his organization's continued association with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), despite a nationwide ban by the DOJ and FBI on any formal association with the group. And yesterday our correspondent had provided us information that Vedra's right-hand man Alomari had been fired from a local college for violating their sexual harassment policy by sleeping with infidel coeds taking his classes. This would be of no one's concern except Mrs. Alomari, except Vedra has invoked Alomari's academic credentials to defend Alomari (and himself) from their critics.

Cozying up to CAIR is bad enough. But what exactly were the credentials Mr. Alomari - and other officials in the department - claim? From the whistleblower:

For instance, many of our top leaders have inflated their resumes and some have falsified their credentials. I've seen the personnel files for our department, and we have a number of people who have obtained fake degrees from diploma mills. One example I know of first hand is Olen Martin, task force coordinator of our Northern Border Initiative. He not only has one fake degree; in fact, he has two that he cited to get employment here. He is hardly alone in our office. It is truly an insult to those of us who spent years in college and graduate studies that we sometimes work for and are paid less than these frauds. ...

Who'd a thunk it? Doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy about the security of America? Read the rest here. Maybe this is happening in YOUR state Homeland Security office?

Are YOU paying attention?

H/T Dean