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Monday, April 12, 2010

April's Polls Don't Look Good For Democrats

Browsing through the "all latest polls" over at Real Clear Politics, where they keep track of he majority of the latest polls from a variety of organizations confirms what many have been saying for the last couple of months.

Democrats are in deep trouble come November.

When left leaning political analysts publicly envision a scenario of a 50 seat loss for Democrats in the House of Representatives, you know there is a problem.

Arguments will continue to be made about the reasons, with some blaming Obama's dwindling approval ratings, others pointing to the dissatisfaction shown in the lowest congressional approval ratings, unpopular bills, the economy, the high unemployment rate, etc... all could be factors and probably are, although many will claim it is more one that the other.

In the end, the reason or reasons won't matter, in 28 weeks the results will be in and once again the political makeup of the House and Senate will change.

If Republicans pull 40 or more seats from Democrats in the House, then once again the Washington politicians will have to work together or get nothing done. There will be no more jamming through bills according to Obama and the Democrats agenda.