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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Update on the FISA Issue: UPDATED-IT PASSES

[Update] Wapo tells us the vote was 227 to 183. Roll Call can be found here, so you can know who voted for it and who voted against keeping America safer. [End Update]

It passes. [End Update] We will follow up with Roll Call as soon as we get it.


Hoyer spoke and at least one Democrat didn't sound rabid but if he thinks that making a big deal about this being a 6 month measure while a permanent bill is drafted, he underestimates the rabidness of the liberal supporters because they are hearing nothing that is said, except that the bill will be passed. All he has to do is check out the buzz of the liberal blogs over at memeorandum to see my point. [End Update]

[Update - ]
Gotta make a couple of comments here:

Steven Cohen, west Tennessee is PROUD of you, son. NOT. Jackass.

The Manchurian Candidate Award tonight goes to Keith Ellison.

Now back to your regularly scheduled spree posting...

I am putting the updates on top here. HCdl just made a comment that every time one of the Democrats start screeching on C-span, they sound rabid and I laughed, but actually it is true. They are having a fit because they know this bill must pass and, in all honesty, I think they are simply acting like children instead of just getting it done, finally!!

Now they are so busy taking shots about Gonzalez, they STILL just do not "get" that this bill is to secure our protection,. They would rather get their "talking points" in, instead of getting the job done. [End Update] (More to come IF they ever stop acting like children and get to voting)

I am watching C-Span and some of the Democrats are having themselves a hissy fit because the bill the Senate approved making changes for the FISA Law, is going to be approved in Congress.

We brought you the fact sheet on FISA, along with the President's statement, we showed you just this morning that the Senate approved and passed the bill that was acceptable to protect us, a in the latest post from WUA, we asked what Congress has managed to do to believe they deserve a pay raise, when they have had this request on their desks since April and only now are getting around to it.

Nancy Pelosi has done everything she could to stall having to vote on this, but finally they have gotten around to it and People like Glenn Greenwald are throwing a temper tantrum because they are so mad that Congress and the Senate are doing what is right, despite having had to be dragged kicking and screaming to be forced to consider OUR PROTECTION.

That should be something they took as a priority and yet they didn't, they are too busy playing partisan games with our safety.

This is the exact reason the liberal Democrats have had the stigma of being weak on National Security for so long and will continue to have it for years and years to come.