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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tepid Reception For Clinton, Loud Applause For McCain

I have spoken in front of a crowd before and one of the first rules is to know your audience.

Hillary Clinton doesn't "get it" and will never "get it".

The perfect example came when Hillary Clinton and John McCain spoke at the national convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The reception for Mrs. Clinton was respectful yet tepid. Mr. McCain received loud applause when he suggested that a troop pullout would be “a mistake of colossal historical proportions.”

Know your audience. Speaking of surrender, no matter how you couch your statements or what words you use, at Veterans convention has to be one of the most idiotic things Hillary could have done, yet she did it and her reception for it was what anybody with a brain would have known it would be... respectful but tepid.

Mr. McCain, a forceful advocate of the Iraq strategy, offered an opposing view when he took the stage shortly after Mrs. Clinton. He said it was in the best interest of the United States to stay in Iraq.

“As long as there is a prospect for not losing this war,” he said, “then we must not choose to lose it.”

Mr. McCain’s speech was interrupted by friendly applause from people seated throughout the hall. When Mrs. Clinton spoke, applause often was started by three young people in the middle of the room who were not wearing the trademark blue V.F.W. cap or convention name badges. But when she finished her speech, she walked onto the convention center floor and shook hands and posed for photographs for several minutes. The Veterans of Foreign Wars, the country’s oldest and largest organization of combat veterans, has a membership of 2.3 million. A survey released by the organization’s internal magazine found that 91 percent of veterans voted in presidential races.

Take a good look at those numbers I put in bold.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars has 2.3 million members and 91% of them vote in presidential races...that is a large block of votes that Hillary and no other Democrats that proposes surrender, premature withdrawal, cut and run, retreat in defeat, any saying that means "giving up", will never get.

They have families also, wives, children and grandchildren and one can safely assume that, not all, but quite a few of their family members will vote and will also not back any presidential candidate that is considered a "defeatist".

Know your audience and if you cannot tell them what they want to hear, speak about a different subject, something hillary Clinton still doesn't understand and I am betting when Barrack Obama and Fred Thompson speak there on Tuesday, today I believe, we will see the same reports.

Obama will get a tepid response and Thompson will receive the applause.

A mighty large voting block the Democratic candidates are alienating.

Brian, over at Liberty Pundit makes a very good point here:

As I predicted on the old site, the Democrats are going to start conceding, en masse, that the surge is working. But, knowing they’ve lost on this issue, the new meme is going to be “ok, we’re winning…but the political situation there isn’t any good, so we still have to leave.” The war is, and always has been, pure politics with these guys. From the minute those planes hit the towers, they were working to make it a political issue.

It is a very huge mistake to do that because Combat Vets are not interested in the "politics" of war, the majority of them are 100% behind the concept of "winning", "victory" and "triumph", these are concepts that are foreign to the Democrats in Washington today, the only "winning" they care about is winning the next vote, the only victory they care about is the next election and the only success they care about is their own.

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