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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sowing the seeds of dissent

It has been said repeatedly since WUA was launched, by myself as well as others, that a great deal of the leftinistra mindset and attitude can be traced directly back to Soviet doctrine that called for spreading discontent, dissent, and mistrust from within the populace of the United States. In my column
Just when you thought it was safe to go back onto the playground... and An American Communist: Hillary Clinton & The Democrats, we both cited examples of how the left takes their cue from communist doctrine.

And yet people read such as those two examples and pass them off as being "conspiracy theorist."

Would the admissions of a former KGB operator help to make it more convincing?

From the Wall Street Journal:

Propaganda Redux
Take it from this old KGB hand: The left is abetting America's enemies with its intemperate attacks on President Bush.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007 12:01 a.m. EDT

During last week's two-day summit, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown thanked President Bush for leading the global war on terror. Mr. Brown acknowledged "the debt the world owes to the U.S. for its leadership in this fight against international terrorism" and vowed to follow Winston Churchill's lead and make Britain's ties with America even stronger.

Mr. Brown's statements elicited anger from many of Mr. Bush's domestic detractors, who claim the president concocted the war on terror for personal gain. But as someone who escaped from communist Romania--with two death sentences on his head--in order to become a citizen of this great country, I have a hard time understanding why some of our top political leaders can dare in a time of war to call our commander in chief a "liar," a "deceiver" and a "fraud."

I spent decades scrutinizing the U.S. from Europe, and I learned that international respect for America is directly proportional to America's own respect for its president.


Sowing the seeds of anti-Americanism by discrediting the American president was one of the main tasks of the Soviet-bloc intelligence community during the years I worked at its top levels. This same strategy is at work today, but it is regarded as bad manners to point out the Soviet parallels. For communists, only the leader counted, no matter the country, friend or foe. At home, they deified their own ruler--as to a certain extent still holds true in Russia. Abroad, they asserted that a fish starts smelling from the head, and they did everything in their power to make the head of the Free World stink.
The communist effort to generate hatred for the American president began soon after President Truman set up NATO and propelled the three Western occupation forces to unite their zones to form a new West German nation. We were tasked to take advantage of the reawakened patriotic feelings stirring in the European countries that had been subjugated by the Nazis, in order to shift their hatred for Hitler over into hatred for Truman--the leader of the new "occupation power." Western Europe was still grateful to the U.S. for having restored its freedom, but it had strong leftist movements that we secretly financed. They were like putty in our hands.


The final goal of our anti-American offensive was to discourage the U.S. from protecting the world against communist terrorism and expansion. Sadly, we succeeded. After U.S. forces precipitously pulled out of Vietnam, the victorious communists massacred some two million people in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Another million tried to escape, but many died in the attempt. This tragedy also created a credibility gap between America and the rest of the world, damaged the cohesion of American foreign policy, and poisoned domestic debate in the U.S.

Unfortunately, partisans today have taken a page from the old Soviet playbook. At the 2004 Democratic National Convention, for example, Bush critics continued our mud-slinging at America's commander in chief. One speaker, Martin O'Malley, now governor of Maryland, had earlier in the summer stated he was more worried about the actions of the Bush administration than about al Qaeda. On another occasion, retired four-star general Wesley Clark gave Michael Moore a platform to denounce the American commander in chief as a "deserter." And visitors to the national chairman of the Democratic Party had to step across a doormat depicting the American president surrounded by the words, "Give Bush the Boot."

Chilling, no?

Does it better explain Bush Derangement Syndrome?

To those of you who have been, or still ARE, the puppets whose strings are pulled by your communist puppet masters, can you see, a little more clearly, why we so calmly tell you that you are being duped by failed Soviet doctrine?

What more can we do here other than to present to you the truth as we uncover it, to convince you, the American people, that you are being played by forces foreign to our nation, people who have no interest in our national interests, groups who would loving nothing more than to see our culture, our way of life, our FREEDOM, destroyed and swept aside?

Go read the article in full. It's very fascinating and revealing, and it mirrors so MUCH of what I personally have researched and studied through the years myself.

Democrats, if there is any patriotic spirit to you at all, you need to seriously, SERIOUSLY, reevaluate those at the head of your party. Republicans, I'll say this to you as well; remain vigilant.

Marxist-Leninist communism failed once. We DO NOT need to try to revisit it here in the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man

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