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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Quick Rant: Figures it is an AP writer.

Once in a while you just have to rant, so here goes.

Earlier we showed you how the "Dick" Durbin and Senator Casey made statements about the progress being seen in Iraq, while at the same time speaking out both sides of their mouths, contradicting themselves from one sentence to the next.

No worries though, the AP to the rescue....CHARGE!!!!!

Look at this headline, then click the link above and see how these asses are hedging their bets, burning the candle from both ends or any other damn cliche you want to apply to them.

"Democrats Praise Military Progress", thats the AP headline, completely ignoring in the article how they contradicted themselves....go ahead, click the first link and see for yourself.

One statement here, they can acknowledge military progress all they want, NOW, while criticizing it at the same time, but because of their words and actions after General Petreaus was sent there to do his job, insisting the surge was already a failure before the full compliment of troops had even arrived, Reid claiming that "Iraq was lost", Hillary demanding withdrawal plans, because of all that and more....guess what Dems?


You will always be known as the party of cut and run, retreat in defeat and of surrender.


I will be damned if you will forget or if anyone else will be allowed to forget it.

You see the polls now showing America's support for the war is rising, you see the polls where Bush's approval ratings are starting to rise a little bit, you see the polls showing your approval rating at 14% and your approval rating on Iraq at 3% and NOW you want say, hey, we are seeing progress.

You don't see the progress, all you see is the "polls".


End of rant, now back to regularly scheduled programming.

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