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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Media Lies and gets BUSTED again

Our media has been caught in lies before, quite often in fact, but since the surge in Iraq has started showing very visible progress it seems that the creation of "news" the reporting of "rumor" as fact with absolutely no fact checking being done by the media organizations that are reporting to us, the ones that many people rely on to get the truth.

Despite the fact that the American people now are on record as doubting the accuracy of reporting, by our media, regarding Iraq and have stated on polls that they trust the military more when it comes to reporting on Iraq, the media still persists in lying to the American public.

Even more amazing is that it is bloggers, in this case The AUTONOMIST, that are busting the MSM are proving their lies, over and over again.

The new media seems to be able to fact check better than the old media, if the old media is even trying to fact check at all.

What follows is a caption from the AFP, and below that, the picture that accompanies it:

" An elderly Iraqi woman shows two bullets which she says hit her
house [emphasis added] following an early coalition forces raid in the
predominantly Shiite Baghdad suburb of Sadr City."

The only way those bullets hit her house was if someone threw them at her house.

You see, they've never been fired. For those of you unfamiliar with firearms, only the little copper-looking tip is the actual bullet. The larger, cylindrical casing below it holds the primer and the gunpowder that propels the bullet out of the firearm.

Nice going, AFP! Proof again, that members of the MSM are often dupes for terrorist propagandists, and know very little about things military.

Go read the rest of that piece (and maybe the MSM would like to bookmard that site in case they need "fact checkers, cause theirs certainly are not doing their job), The AUTONOMIST has also provides pictures that show the difference from bullets that have been fired to bullets that have never been fired and the differences between the two.

Back when Reuters got busted for publishing a doctored photo during the Israel/Hizbullah war, and another blogger caught it, I think everyone knew then that the MSM reports would need to be fact checked by people outside of the MSM to verify that the truth was being told.

Since the surge starting showing progress though we have had quite a rapid succession of completely false stories that have been debunked almost immediately after they have been published.

In the MSM's desperate attempt to counter the progress being shown in Iraq, they are getting careless and do not even attempt to verify the false stories they are reporting anymore.

Lets show you a couple examples that are very recent, we have the beheadings that never happened and the MSM had to acknowledge it, BBC acknowledging the misrepresentation, the massacre that never happened, and then we have the saga of TNR and Scott Thomas.

Those are just a few most recent examples.

You would think the sheer embarrassment alone would convince the MSM to be a little more careful and to verify and fact check their publications, but if you thought that, you would be wrong.

Others discussing this at length are Black Five and Confederate Yankee, both quite good pieces.

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